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Feb 27, 2013 03:33 PM

Caribbean Plate (Falls Church)

I stopped into this recently opened place for lunch today. I was more curious than hungry so I can't give you a comprehensive review of the cuisine since all I had was just one Jamaican meat pie, but it was tasty. It's been more than 40 years since I was in Jamaica and had a real one from a street vendor, but this one was nicely spiced with a crust that neither got gooey nor fell apart, like a good street food crust should be. It's a bright and airy order-at-the-counter place.

The menu covers a bit of ground. There are sandwiches based on jerk chicken, roast port (a Cuban sandwich) and pulled pork. There's charcoal roasted chicken by the quarter, half, or whole, starting at $6.49 including two sides. The sides are more extensive than your typical Peruvian chicken place. Salads and platters, too. Not a destination place, for sure, but good for a quick, freshly prepared meal when you're not in the mood for a burger.

They're located in the rebuilt building that was destroyed by fire, where The Lebanese Butcher used to be. East Annandale Road between Hillwood Avenue and Lee Highway.

Incidentally, the name comes, not from what they serve the food on (that's Styrofoam, at least for the meat pies) but rather for the geological tectonic plate between Central and South America.

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  1. Great minds think alike. I stopped in here about a week ago, also for a Jamaican meat pie, but I also splurged on the rice pudding with raisins. The place is bright and spiffy, and it looks like a fastfood chain wannabe, which is not a bad strategy.

    I thought the meat pie was a nice, polite version. Well made without trying to really impress. The rice pudding was terrific, though, very creamy and the rice was nice and chewy.

    1. What's going on with this restaurant's website? It only takes me to the folks who created it. Where can I see a menu online?

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        Looks like either there's a problem with the host's data base and it'll be back when they fix it, or the restaurant has dropped that web site. Hopefully they're still in business. If you're in Falls Church as your name suggests, just stop by. The menu is really short - a few meat pies, a couple of variations on rotisserie chicken, and some sandwiches.

        I've been there several times since my first visit and keep coming back to the Jamaican meat pies. I had a couple of sandwiches that were so-so. The jerk chicken platter is OK, but for a quarter chicken on the bone, I still prefer El Pollo Rico in Arlington.

        1. re: MikeR

          I stopped by this afternoon. They're definitely still open. The guy at the counter didn't know anything about the web site, but said I was the third person today who asked about it.

          They were out of Jamaican meat pies, so I tried a Bolivian one. It was OK but not as good as the Jamaican.