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Feb 27, 2013 02:58 PM

Help! Looking for hoisen sauce...

I am looking for Koon Chun Hoisen Sauce.

I checked Nijiya Market on Sawtelle and Marurkai on Pico and Bundy. I'd love to buy it Westside or South Bay ... but will travel if needed. And I'd rather buy local than order online. Thanks so much!

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  1. In most Ralphs supermarkets, their international foods section/aisle usually carry hoisin sauce. The brand is usually Lee Kum Kee. Good luck!

    1. Does it need to be the Koon Chun brand? There are many brands of hoisin, and most of them have similar tastes.

      1. I bought that very brand of hoisin sauce at Silom Thai market in hollywood, if you ever find yourself in the area. Im sure 99 Ranch markets also carry it. Japanese markets tend to have a poor selection of non-Japanese ingredients.

        1. Thanks y'all! Yes, I am looking for the Koon Chun brand. I have tried the Lee Kum Lee brand in the past. Maybe I'll take a drive over Hollywood way.

          1. I saw them at 99 Ranch in Arcadia the other day for $2.29 or so. Presumably, other 99 Ranch markets will have them. The sauces were organized by vendors, not type.

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              I have seen it at the 99 Ranch in Gardena. That might be the closest place for you, TeaMe, or perhaps the 99 Ranch in Van Nuys?