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Feb 27, 2013 02:01 PM

Figuring time/temp for a fat roaster

I'm making this recipe:

But I don't see where he says what size chicken he's got. I've got a hefty roaster (5-6 lbs--please let's not start another discussion about my huge bird ;-) and don't know how to figure how long to roast on the higher then the lower heat.

I also forgot to rub with oil--do I forget it or should I? What about the S&P I already sprinkled heavily all over?

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  1. Okay, I've gone ahead and drizzled oil on it and gently spread with a baster. And I've started it just now at 475--planning to try it at that temp for 30 minutes--but I'd REALLY appreciate further advice on where to go from there.

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      After 15 minutes at that temp I'd drop the temp to 375 and then roast for about 20 minutes per lb, If you have pan drippings you can baste every 20-30 minutes. Roast until you get a temp of 160-165 in the thickest part of the breast and 165-170 in the thigh. Another test of doneness is that the leg will move freely at the hip joint, and the juices there will run clear when pierced with a knife, but a thermometer, not time, os the best determiner of when something is done and not overdone.

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        Well, it's just finished 30 minutes at 475, but I'll put it down to 375 and try it for 60-80 minutes and just keep checking it.

        Thanks so much!

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          If it seems to be getting too dark, you can loosely tent it with foil to keep the skin from burning.