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Early Dinner near BAM?

Hi Hounds,

I'm heading to Brooklyn on Saturday night to see the opera at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and would love a recommendation or two for interesting eats nearby. The show starts at 7:30, so we'd be looking for 5:30 or 6pm, within a few blocks (we'll be walking). Moderately priced is good (say entrees no more than $25, preferably less). So far I've checked out Lulu 7 Po, Chez Oskar, No. 7 and a couple of others - all look good, but I'd love more options. Thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. Woodlands just up Flatbush is very good.

    1. I did the exact same thing last month and went to Kaz-An-Nou. at 53 6th Ave, just north of Flatbush. Really nice atmosphere and just a 5 minute walk to BAM. Would like to return when I don't have to rush. We arrived ~6:15p and got the last empty table. At 5:30 you shouldn't have a problem.

      1. I've never been to Woodlands (it's fairly new) nor Kaz-An-Nou. But one nice option might be Stonehome Wine Bar, right up the street on Lafayette.

        Berlyn is literally right across the street. I went there once for pre-theater drinks. Seemed nice enough, but I've never eaten there.

        1. We've enjoyed Scopello (63 Lafayette Ave).

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            When I went to BAM in January, we had dinner at Scopello first. Worked out perfectly. Food was very good, service was attentive, and food came quickly enough, and we finished right on time...and it helps that BAM is just a block or 2 away.

          2. Thanks everyone for the recs so far. Kaz-an-Nou in particular sounds great, but I'll run these by my friend and see what she thinks!

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              If you want a quick meal, you might want to check out Kalashkat, on Dean St,at the Fifth Ave/Flatbush Triangle - limited seating, very good felafel. Next door is Va Beh, italian, which gets good reviews mostly except for cramped seating. We like Kaz an Nou too. Cubana Cafe also on 6th (next to Woodlands) is pleasant with decent not great cuban sandwiches and such - their rum drinks and cuban desserts pretty good.

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                One thing to be very careful of... check and see if there are any events at the Barclay's Center that night, and at what time. If you think there may be a dinner-time conflict, you should probably avoid anything that's along the Flatbush/Fifth/Sixth ave corridor (Kaz an Nou, Kalashkat, Va Beh, Woodlands, etc). It can get very crowded over there.

                It's great for the resto/bar owners, but not so much for ppl trying to make curtain. Fort Greene is a little bit further away from the BC, and there may not be so much of a pre-game or concert crowd.

              2. There is always the old standby Junior's!! We've never been disappointed at Junior's. Just keep it simple.

                1. We actually ended up at Mullane's - we had a larger group than I thought and a couple of picky eaters, so it was the path of least resistance. At least the burger was good and reasonably priced!

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                      umm do you think for an opera lover? extremely loud music when we were there and the food wasnt all that

                    2. Olea
                      Flatbush Farm

                      1. I went to Berlyn last night, right across the street from BAM where Thomas Biesl used to be. We just went there because it was convenient, but we were pleasantly surprised by the food. A dandelion green salad was much better than salads usually are, maybe because it was liberally supplied with bacon and leeks. I drank a "Brooklyn," their version of a Manhattan, which was actually one of the better Manhattans I've drank, and our main course, a duck confit, wasn't as surprisingly good, but it was a standard-issue good-tasting duck confit. I'd definitely go again.

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                          The Brooklyn cocktail is a classic, actually, and you can make it at home:

                        2. I would also add La Caye to the list. It's right across the street from BAM (next to Berlyn). Nice Haitian food.

                          1. Next time you go, make sure to eat at LuLu & Po. We've been 6 or so timesand just last night my wife was saying that she thinks it's her favorite restaurant in all of Brownstone Brooklyn.