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Feb 27, 2013 01:19 PM

Tickets: Barcelona?

I am trying to figure out how to make a reservation at this place. I'm looking at May, so there's lots of time, but it doesn't seem possible to find any dates on their online system. And their website says that's the only way to make a reservation. Am I missing something? Thanks!

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  1. You can't make a res til exactly two months to the day prior to the date you want.

    1. The website is the only way. You can reserve at the two month mark, so I think you are just a shade too early. They go quickly once the window opens up so mark your calendar - that's what I did for 41 degrees for our October trip - my window opens in August. Good luck!

      1. Also bookings open a midnight BCN time. I was just dinking around with their site - which is so fun - when I saw that I could get a res for 7PM (ate just a couple of tapas and a glass of cava for lunch) for one of the nights we were there. So, yeah, mark your calendar and set your alarm!

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          Won't need to set the alarm - it's 6:00pm Toronto time. Reservations for Tickets are typically completely taken up by 6:05pm!

          1. re: estufarian

            For important things -like Tickets reservations :) - I set my phone to give me an alert. I was pretty happy that I just stumbled into my res. When we went to Babbo in NYC a few years go, I programmed my phone the day before, set the alarm (Left Coast) for 15 minutes before, etc.

        2. Thanks guys. That wasn't clear. So, I guess that at 6pm, there is a short five minute window where one of those numbers appears black, and I can make a reservation then.
          Can anyone tell me how Tickets is for vegetarians?

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            Actually the 'new' day will turn black and when you click you get a choice of times (also need to click on the time). Then you fill out your various details (email, phone etc) and enter those. If you are lucky you will have done this before the multiple other attempts around the world. It's possible that your chosen time will already be taken by others who are entering simultaneously, so use your form-filling software/browser. I lost out on my first time but got the second time I tried for (as the form filling went automatically on the second attempt).
            As for vegetarian, the menu at Tickets is a la carte - you'll be restricted - see the current menu on-line