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Feb 27, 2013 01:09 PM

Hoppy Street

My wife and I are getting ready for our first trip to Japan this March. We will be checking in to our hotel around midnight, so we figured after we get settled we should head over to Hoppy Street in Asakusa for some late night food/drink. Any recommendations or is there another area we should check out instead?

Our hotel is right next to Uguisudani station.

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  1. I don't think that area will have much going on at that time. I just read an article that featured five places from Hoppy Dori and none of them were open past 11pm. There's probably stuff open near Ueno/ Okachi-machi. After midnight tend to be chain operations though.

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      Thanks for the info, you saved us a midnight trip out there. When you say chain operations are you referring to Japanese specific chains or international ones (McDonald's and such)?

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        Local Japanese chains...What kind of place are you looking for? Public transportation doesn't run past 1am, so if you are planning to stray from your hotel you'll have to take taxis.

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          We were initially looking for izakaya options, but it looks like that is out considering how late we're getting in. Ramen would be a great way to start off our holiday, even if it was from a chain.

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            I ran an after midnight search on Tabelog for Uguisudani and didn't come up with anything particularly appetizing other than a yakiniku place. I would hit up Shinanoji, or perhaps ask the hotel when you arrive, or head to Ueno for one of Robb's recs or look around that neighborhood. I know there is also a 24-hr branch of Ichiran Ramen in Ueno Station.

    2. FWIW, Time Out recommends this 24-hour budget restaurant next to Uguisudani station:

      Shinanoji -

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        Thanks! This is right next to our hotel so it's great to have this option in case the jet lag proves to be too much on our first night.

      2. Also a 24-hour sushi place (Zanmai) near Ueno station:

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          And here's a branch of the popular Ippudo ramen shop, again near Ueno, open until 3am: