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Breakfast and lunch ideas for Halifax needed.

We've got 3 days/ nights booked in Halifax and while I think I have dinners taken care of, I'm looking for ideas for great breakfast and lunch spots. We love all cuisines, quirky bistros are great and fish/seafood is a favourite- my husband is always on the look out for the"best chowder". All suggestions gratefully received!

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  1. Janes on the Commons, has the best breakfast/brunch in Halifax. It's small so call up in advance. It's awesome. Get some of their smoked salmon , amazing stuff.

    1. Janes closed a couple of months ago. Try the Ardmore Tea Room or the Armview Restaurant.

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        Too bad Janes closed, great place. I hope Press Gang didn't close , they have these BlackPearl oysters, the best oysters I've ever had.

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          Janes didn't go under; there were lease issues and Jane decided to retire :(

          AFAIK, the Press Gang is still open.

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          The Ardmore Tea Room is not what is once was... the restaurant in The Atlantica is quite good for breakfast and in the same area of town.

        3. Where are you staying? Will you have a car?

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            We're staying at The Lord Nelson Hotel and yes, we do have a car.

          2. Not a breakfast spot, but you must go the Smiling Goat right next door to the Lord Nelson. Hands down the best coffee in Halifax.

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            1. I like The Coastal (http://www.thecoastal.ca/) for breakfast. It's about a 7 minute drive from The Lord Nelson. I also like Human-I-T Café (http://humanitcafe.com/wp-content/upl...) for breakfast. They are about a 1 minute walk from The Lord Nelson.

              If you are near your hotel for lunch, there is a great Mexican spot, Cantina Mexicana (http://www.cantinamexicana.ca/) very near the hotel. It is actually two doors down from the already recommended Smiling Goat.

              1. Good Food Emporium on Windsor street is a quirky laid back cafe in the North end - if you don't mind driving too it. Best fish cakes in the city, home made bread and great coffee!

                1. a 2nd for The Coastal for breakfast

                  Brooklyn Warehouse, Fid, Ciboulette for lunch

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                    Fid is closing at the end of May. :(

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                      Brooklyn Warehouse is really good and fits the quirky description if by that you mean unusual locale and use of space and innovative approach to food offerings.

                    2. Morris East is very good for a lunch that makes use of local produce and greens-even their drinks have local herbs as flavour accents. And Piatta is new and full of innovative pizzas with excellent friendly service.

                      1. We had a few great lunches at the Henry House pub last time we were in town, would highly recommend the mussels!

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                          I never go there for lunch but should

                          oh yeah I know why I don't go I always feel compelled to drink the Ringwood

                          but at Supper time yum
                          and the Gingerbread is top notch