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Feb 27, 2013 12:45 PM

Vita mix 3600 repair needed

Is there a place where the Vita mix 3600 jars can be repaired? mine needs a new blade / gear assembly.

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  1. Their website should show where to get it serviced.

      1. Both of those problems can be fixed by you i think. I believe Vitamix sells the parts and has a wrench they give you to change the blade. Give them a call!

        1. Hi. Vitamix won't repair stuff that old now. They'll want you to do a trade in and upgrade. Don't if you can. The old ones were bullet proof and they should keep making them. My fiance got a newer one 5/2014 and it died 12-2014. My 3600 has been going strong for 38 years! Finally the shaft wore out.

          The fix: one place is Epicure and and be found on Ebay. I went to my buddies machine shop and had him press out the old bushings - which is what really wears out. There are 2 brass and one steel bushing in the housing assembly. He replaced those with a BMW valve guide so now I have a Vitamix racing machine! You'll also be able to find the fiber washers at an auto store.

          When removing the rubber connector, there's a hex bolt, I believe 5/64 that needs to be removed. Then you need to somehow hold the blade assembly inside the bucket and turn the rubber assembly clockwise to remove - it's a reverse thread. The shaft and blades will now just pull out. The fiber washers are at the top and bottom of the shaft. No need to removed the blades from the shaft. Next, you can then remove the large hex nut that holds the main housing assembly. Take that to a friendly machine shop and they should be able to press out the old bushings for you and replace it with a valve guide or something. Take the shaft with you as well so they can check all the measurements. It should cost you about $30 for the repair.

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            Your girlfriend's Vitamix would still have been under warranty. They would have replaced or repaired it. NO manufacturer turns out 100% perfect items every single time.

            The newer machines have LOTS of advantages over the older ones - and I don't mean stupid stuff like presets. They're easier to clean. They have more variable speed - the old ones didn't do low speed blending AT ALL.

            But that said - this should be an easy fix, as you described. I would fix it and then - if one should become enamored of a new VM - sell it on Craigslist. You'll get more money selling it on than trading it in. Then put the money towards a new or reconditioned blender. Or, fix and keep. Both work.

            1. re: CookingForReal

              Mahalo. Oddly, she didn't want to deal with it and just returned it back to Costco. I understand what you're saying.

              The one thing I have noticed with the new Vitamix is that the blade is super sharp vs mine are manufactured as blunt so it is designed so smash rather than cut. Now I understand why carrots have always been so coarse all these decades. I just might take it apart and grind my blades down to a sharp edge.

              1. re: dareng

                I have a Vintage machine 2100[Similar to the 3600]. I am beyond impressed with it.

                How did the blade sharpening go?
                Or is it possible just to buy a set of sharp blades I can attach?
                Does anyone know the size of the fiber washer? I need to replace the bottom one.

                1. re: vaylla

                  Hi. I have not grinded down the blades at this time. Of all things, I am using my fiance's Oster Blender! It actually works great. For juicing, I think any old blender with sharp blades will work. My old Vitamix couldn't break down the carrots or apples very well. I notice the newer one's have super sharp blades which I then noticed in the Oster. Tried that and..... voila! Talk about marketing from all the others like Ninja, Cuisinart, Breville, Jack LaLanne, Vitamix, Nutri Bullet... Just a blender with nice sharp blades and you can cut down all your fruits and vegetables for the perfect smoothie.