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Feb 27, 2013 12:20 PM

Lamb Cheeks

I was musing the other day about how much I love eating animal cheeks, ox, pig, cod and monk fish. I realised that I've never had lamb cheeks.
There might be a good reason for this.
I've found somewhere that sells them but can't find many recipes.
So has anyone had them or got a good recipe?


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  1. I bet they'd make rockin' tacos the same as pork cheeks.

    Salmon cheeks are good, too.

    1. You can cook them as if they were any other cheek(Pork,Veal or Beef)
      Or in any braised recipe.
      Navarin perhaps

      1. They are tasty too but I've only had them restaurants. Beef and pig cheeks seem easier to buy, which isn't easy at all.

        1. We eat lamb more often than any other meat but I;ve never seen cheeks for sale. Pig and beef cheeks are readily available in supermarkets but never lamb. I wonder why?