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Feb 27, 2013 12:09 PM

Sun Valley circa 2013?

Heading for Sun Valley Idaho next week. Logged onto Chowhound looking for restaurant suggestions, but only found postings that are many years old. Any updates on best options for good food and preferably adult ambiance?

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  1. Restauants with adult atmosphere (several are new) - Cornerstone, Boca, Il Naso, Enoteca, B, and Vintage. Our latest favorite is Knob Hill.

    Additional restauants I haven't been to: Dashi, Della Mano, Cava Cava. Good old standbys: Globus, Ketchum Grill, Sawtooth, Pioneer, Ram, Duchin Bar, Christiania. Cristinas for breakfast and lunch.

    Only some restauants have full liquor licenses, others are only beer and wine.

    You should look at Yelp for current reviews. Hope this helps

    1. I forgot Rickshaw - yum! And CK's in Hailey which may be the best restaurant in the Valley and is well worth the trip. Zou 75 in Hailey is good as well. If you are here in the summer, the Bigwood Grill is good, I love lunch there. The views can't be beat.

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        Thank you for the suggestions. Several good options to explore.

      2. As someone from L.A. who used Chowhound exclusively until I moved to Boise (where, as you can see, this board is rarely used), I must somewhat regretfully concur that Yelp will offer better help. I would point to whatever reviewer Ru Y. recommends as he travels between Boise and Sun Valley frequently and I trust his judgment.

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          Thanks for the reply--I will use Yelp