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Feb 27, 2013 12:01 PM

Drinkers sue Anheuser-Busch for 'watering down' beer

Allegedly they've been watering down Bud.
I'm surprised anyone could tell.

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  1. Exactly, how could they tell?

    1. If they didn't want watered down beer they shouldn't be drinking budweiser

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      1. re: chuckl

        LOL. True that.

        It's pretty well known (I thought) that AB brews at High gravity and then 'cuts' the brew as needed to standard strength (and to lower strengths for the states that still require that).

        I'm not an AB fan or apologist (though they do definitely make a few very worthy spcialty products) , but this whole brew-ha-ha is non-story.
        Unless false labeling or deceptive advertising can be proven, this dumb lawsuit doesn't stand a chance.

        1. This real story is better than most April Fools jokes I can remember.

          1. LOL!!! Makers Mark attempted to water down their bourbon, until the word got out and the public made a huge stink about it and they stopped that plan. I wouldn't be surprised if most breweries/distilleries have been watering down their products for quite some time by now. Everyone is cutting corners to the point it's pathetic and not worth purchasing anymore.