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Feb 27, 2013 11:32 AM

IACP Announces 2013 Food Writing Finalists

The International Association of Culinary Professionals gives us it's picks....
We need to know this. Don't we?

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  1. Nominations I particularly like:
    Vietnamese Home Cooking
    Asian Tofu:

    Culinary Web Site:

    Cooking Teacher of the Year:
    Virginia Willis

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    1. re: Gio

      Congrats chow!

      I wonder what teaching Willis is doing and how to get in her class? I'll bet that would be fascinating.

      I'm so disappointed by the nominees in the Children and Family category. As I said in another thread, Dinner A Love Story is an indulgent mess and the recipes in the 101 Recipes Every Mom needs in her Back Pocket (or whatever that's called) is disappointingly unimaginative. I really need to write a kids cookbook.


      1. re: The Dairy Queen

        Virginia does have cooking classes/demonstrations all over the country, TDQ. At present she's at the book fair in Paris (held in the Louvre) but posts teaching events on her blog and web site...
        Web site:


        I did have a chance to see her in New Hampshire last year but unfortunately could not go.

        1. re: Gio

          Oh, I'm sorry you missed out. Paris sounds good! Unfortunately, nothing coming up in the Twin Cities, but you just never know!


    2. I'm really excited to see The Farm has been nominated in the American category. Of all the newly published books I purchased last year, this is my favourite and I believe it's one of those books that will stand the test of time.

      Also happy to see these books that I purchased get recognition:

      Vietnamese Home Cooking (we need this to be a COTM so I actually cook from it!!)
      Burma - Ditto on this one!
      Japanese Farm Food - Ditto - this is a beautiful book, I love the author's writing style
      Gran Cocina Latina - Ditto on the COTM thing

      Like Gio, I'm happy to see Food52 and Chow get a nod

      Books I was interested in before but am even more so after seeing this list:

      Bouchon Bakery Cookbook - also loved what I read on the Piglet and now I feel like I'd like to add this to my collection

      Roots - Ditto on the Piglet thing and, seeing the recipe index in EYB further enticed me. I'll be surprised if I make it to the end of the week without ordering this one!

      Books that I'd never heard of before but now I'm keen to check out:

      La Cucina Italiana Encyclopedia of Italian Cooking by The Editors of La Cucina Italiana. (Rizzoli)

      The Cookbook Library: Four Centuries of the Cooks, Writers, and Recipes That Made the Modern Cookbook by Anne Willan, Mark Cherniavsky, Kyri Claflin.

      Pike Place Market Recipes: 130 Delicious Ways to Bring Home Seattle's Famous Market by Jess Thomson, Clare Barboza

      Sustenance: Food Traditions in Italy's Heartland by Elizabeth Wholey

      A Sardinian Cookbook by Giovanni Pilu, Roberta Muir

      The Vineyard at the End of the World: Maverick Winemakers and the Rebirth of Malbec by Ian Mount - One of my absolute favourite Argentinian wineries

      Books I'm Tired of Hearing about:

      How to Cook Everything - seriously!

      1. I'm familiar with only the James Beard cookbook awards -- but just barely. Is there a rivalry between these two groups -- ?
        There certainly are a lot of categories! And I'm surprised to see a book I've never seen mentioned here, "Tasting India" as last year's winner.

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        1. re: blue room

          I don't know for sure but I get the impression these are two very different organizations. With the IACP it seems to be folks in the industry honouring their own. Kind of like the Golden Globes vs the Oscars.