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Feb 27, 2013 11:13 AM

Relaxing Rome, Florence, Venice

Buon giorno,

My husband and I are traveling to Rome, Florence, and Venice mid-March.

We want a more "relaxed" trip and don't want to kill ourselves rushing all around trying to see "everything!"

Below please find a rough outline of our travel plans. I would love any restaurant suggestions, feedback, comments on the restaurants proposed or suggestions where restaurants not included! Also, is it warm enough to dine outside now or are people still indoors?

Thank you so much!

Rome Day 1:
arrive early morning
visit Borghese Gardens & Gallery
lunch: venture over to Campo de' Fiori or Piazza Navona
Settimio al Pellegrino
Santa Lucia
explore area
dinner - will probably be wiped out after long overnight flight and need light, earlier dinner not too far from Hotel Eden - suggestions welcome

Rome Day 2:
Colosseum & Forum
lunch in Monti (fairly close by?)
Taverna dei Fori Imperiali
Trattoria Monti
Ristorante Santa Cristina al Quirinale
explore area
dinner at Pierluigi if don't go for lunch previous day - or other suggestions welcome (Renato e Luisa in Campo de' Fiori?)

Rome Day 3:
lunch at Romeo or Sorpasso near Vatican or travel to Trastevere for lunch (where?/Roma Sparita?) or Settembrini in Prati
explore area
dinner at Dal Bolognese

Florence Day 1:
need place for leisurely lunch
need place for earlier, lighter dinner

Florence Day 2:
visit to Tuscany
late dinner at Borgo San Jacopo
Florence Day 3:
need place in for lunch (outside piazza?) in between visits to Accademia and Uffizi
early Sunday night, casual dinner? - Trattoria Sostanza???

Florence Day 4:
lunch Bardini Gardens including visit to area??

Venice Day 1:
staying in Castello
need place for leisurely lunch - Antiche Carampane?
dinner Al Covo or Testiere?

Venice Day 2:
Doge's Palace & St. Mark's Basilica
walk over to Peggy Guggenheim Museum and Dorsoduro - lunch there?
dinner Al Covo or Testiere?

Venice Day 3:
travel to Burano/Murano/Torcello - lunch at Locando Cipriani????
or stay in Venice for more exploring
dinner Alberto???????

Grazie grazie!!

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  1. Can't comment sightseeing as it will be deleted because it is not food related.
    For Venice: I have not eaten at Locando Cipriani; the rest on your list is good. It depends on what you are looking for in term of type of food, ambience and budget. It is too cold to eat outside even at the end of March. A big drawback for Locanda Cipriani. Moot for da Alberto and alle Testiere as neither have outside tables.
    If you are intested in food, make sure to visit the Rialto Market in the morning (closed Sunday/Monday). Instead of eating two sit down meals, might consider eating cichetti at one of many bacari throughout Venice.
    Other than the Locanda, not much else for food in Torcello but it is a great spot for a picnic.

    1. For lunch in Dorsoduro think about Agli Alboretti on Rio Terra Foscarini (the street between the Academia and the Zattere). There's some association with the well regarded Vini da Gigio. The menus are different, but the overall style of food has similarities. It's better suited to a more leisurely lunch than a quick simple bite to keep you going.

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      1. re: BrianGilligan

        I didn't know that the Hotel Agli Alboretti has a restaurant or maybe there is a restaurant with the same name. What type of food does it serve?

        1. re: PBSF

          The hotel does have a restaurant and it's quite good. There's some connection to Vini da Gigio - after a lunch there at Christmastime we were given a voucher for a discount at Agli Alboretti and were told something like "this is our other restaurant".
          The overall style is broadly similar to Vini da Gigio though the food is not quite as good e.g. Tasty and refined pasta dishes served on enormous plates.

      2. wow! thank you so much for the helpful information!

        Do you have any suggestions for a "nicer," bit fancier (but not over the top) dinner in Venice? Thanks again! so much help here!

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        1. re: caracv

          Depending on what you consider nicer / fancier, Al Covo could fit that description quite well.

          1. re: caracv

            Your choice of Alle Testiere and Antiche Carampane are two of the best seafood trattoria in Venice. Al Covo has a more varied menu, roomier dining room and and a big 'fancier'. For traditional Venetion cooking, the often mentioned Vina Da Gigio is very good. It has an excellent wine list, tablecloth but not stuffy. Fiachetteria Toscana is another traditional Venetian restaurant more on the 'nicer/fancier' side. If one is looking for something a little more creative (nothing far out), migth consider Al Paradiso.
            Less fancy but still excellent is Anice Stellato; very good food, friendly service and comfortable ambience. The location in Cannairegio is a wonderful area to stroll in the evening, away from the crowd. Another very good trattoria in the same neighborhood is L'Orto dei Mori.
            If you are doing Alle Testiere and/or Antiche Carampane and Al Covo, I would probably balance it with something simpler: Anice Stellato or the bustling da Alberto.
            Keep in mind the closing days of the week; many are closed Sundays or Mondays or both. Exceptions are Al Covo, FT and Anice Stellato.