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Feb 27, 2013 11:10 AM

Salads at chain resturants

Been eathing a lot of salads home and out. Today, I had a salad from costco for lunch. @ $4, it is a bargain. But as I was eating it I began to wonder, the lettuice is really dry - no moisture on them at all.

I wonder does costco or for that matter other chains, wash their lettuce for the salads?


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  1. Costco's salads appear to start with the big bags of prewashed lettuce, so it's simply a matter of opening the bag and redistributing the contents into the to-go containers (along with fixins), so you won't get a lot of surface moisture. Many chains do it that way.

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    1. I have eaten a totally dead tasting lettuce salad before. Bad salads are presented by food people who don't really like salads, IMO. The greens should at least be fresh!

      Even the ordinary and undistinguished salads at McDonalds or other chains, can be acceptable, if not interesting or tasty. But the dead flavor of preserved lettuce is bad.

      And the preservation laden salad dressings are usually not any better.

      Best salads I've had at chain places are found at a local chain in the Portland area, Pizzicato. Good pizza and good salads.

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        I ordered a small dinner salad at a local pizza place... the lettuce was turning brown and I ended up throwing it out. I complained and never heard back from them. I will not go back. Rosati's in Crest Hill, I'm done with you!

        that said, I have gotten salads at Wendy's, Panera, McDonald's and several other fast food chains and I have yet to get a bad/not fresh one.

      2. Don't know about Costco salads, but I'm a big fan of, yes...I know...salad bars. On the moisture front, I don't like ALOT of moisture that settles in the bottom of my bowl/plate and waters down the dressing, but then I don't think I'd like a particularly dry salad either...but then, with enough dressing on it (and I do like alot), I suppose dry wouldn't bother me that much.

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          I'm a big salad bar fan; I know some of that is nostalgia for when they were everywhere, but still, it's nice to run across them. Ruby Tuesdays still has salad bars!