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Feb 27, 2013 09:47 AM


Looking for lard, I just ran out of my home-made stuff. Any suggestions? Downtown would be preferable.

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  1. No name has one that I've found at most loblaws and no frills.

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    1. re: LexiFirefly

      Not the hydrogenated shelf-stable kind, should have specified.

      I hate the Barns but will have to go. This is good, thanks!!

      1. re: albanis

        First time I've heard anyone say that they hate the barns. Curious what you hate about it.

        1. re: acd123

          Many reasons. Everyone there seems above standing in line or waiting for anything. The farmers are great though.

      1. uhm, are you referring to plain old no-name lard available in every grocery store, or tenderflake (also available everywhere), or some boutique-y hand-made artisanal lard?

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        1. re: afong56

          If it's the latter, you can find it at Wychwood market. There are a couple stalls that sell jars of lard.

        2. Segovia Meats in Kensington on Augusta carries fresh made lard and cooked pork belly slices as well as a good selection of sausges and empanadas

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          1. re: blogs

            Great, I haven't tried them yet but I will. Forgot about La Perola too, its great for mole.

          2. Sanagan's in Kensington has lard too.