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Feb 27, 2013 08:12 AM

Dinkytown Rec?

I know there have been some changes to the dinkytown scene, but I wanted to see if anyone has any rec's for lunch before the UM/PSU game this saturday. Anything is an option, but preferably something that isn't a 2 hr lunch.

Any tips/recs? Thank you in advance for your time and help. Have a great day. I am open for burgers, pizza, ethnic, anything really that is tasty.

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  1. Kafe 421 has always been one of my favorites in Dinkytown - good Mediterranean-ish food and a comfortable environment. Otherwise, Loring Pasta Bar has a great atmosphere, but the food can be hit or miss. Lastly, if Chinese sounds good Shuang Cheng has a huge menu with plenty of seafood options.

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      Loring Pasta Bar is always a hit if you stick to the appetizers. The entrees are definitely hit or miss as you say. But their artichoke dip remains the standard against which all others are measured.

    2. I know these two are in Stadium Village on Oak St., not Dinkytown, but both are pretty close to the venue, Kimchi Tofu House or Korea restaurant both have really good food, especially if you enjoy Korean.

      Both places would allow you to get in and get out in less than an hour.

      1. Thank you very much for your time and ideas. I get sick of the same old. I find college towns generally to have large city options in small town settings....but I am kind of dissapointed with the dinkytown options outside fo the below and popular hangouts (Al's, Big 10, Stubs, etc).

        I have fond memories of eating Afghan food in a small restaurant in Bloomington, IN when i was in college. That's another reason to go to college...diversification. It's not all burritos, pizza, burgers, and subs or at least shouldn't be.

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          I like Pagoda in Dinkytown as well.

        2. You may also like Caspian Bistro. It's on University, east of Williams Arena a few blocks. Might be less crowded in that direction.

          1. For lunch I would recommend Shuang Cheng. Great chinese. Very consistent for at nearly 20 years.. Get the Spicy Squid.