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Feb 27, 2013 07:57 AM

When You Ate Too Much At Lunch...

...Are there any wine bars or the like, someone could recommend for snacks/appetizers + wine? Very light dinner options?

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  1. This another FAQ. There are a ton of wine bars and French tapas places where one can eat lightly. I'd suggest doing a search of the site of our favorites.

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        And give us some parameters; Arr's, types of food, ambiance, stools/no stools, hipster/old foggies, hours, days?
        You might want to look also at

    1. We always eat light in the evening, and usually frequent the high end cafes, like Cafe Constant, and the upscale hotels that offer bar menus. Also, some of the brasseries have tables in their bar areas.

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        Well Oakglen and I have always been on the same page.
        Eat big at lunch for obvious reasons - walk it off & eat light at nite. And according to the NEJM; lots of olive oil.