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Feb 27, 2013 07:57 AM

The Bagel Loft, Tuckahoe

It appears that the renovation of the space previously occupied by Roberto's, next to the Crestwood train station is nearing completion. I believe I saw a sign that read " The Bagel Loft " Just wondering if anyone knows anything more about this.

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  1. I work up the street and pass by all the time....It's been in renovation for at least 2 years or so. The last 2-3 weeks I have finally seen some movement, so I would think that it should hopefully open soon.I hope this place works since the little cafe around the corner closed.

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      Goldberg's is on the South side of Central Ave. in the last little strip mall before the first left to get back to the Cross County shopping center. I think it's the second strip mall after the burger king, but before the shell station. 777 Central Park Ave

    2. Update...They have opened since about 2 weeks. Went on Sat with hubby for a bite. Brand new and really good. They do it all. Sandwiches to bagels to pizza etc....Almost a upscale lunchonette.
      I really liked their price also. Also the hours....6am to 8pm during the week alone. Open 7 days.

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        I stopped in for a bagel last week and had a cinnamon raisin with cream cheese. I don't normally eat cinnamon raisin bagels but it was the only one that was well done ( I like my bagels well done)
        The outside of the bagel was crisp and the inside had a fair amount of chew to it, so the consistency was good a generous amount of cream cheese was applied as well. The bagel itself just seemed somewhat tasteless. I'll try the bagels again for sure, could have been that I'm just not used to cinnamon raisin,I haven't had one in a long time.
        Paris by upscale do you mean quality or perhaps variety? What items did you find to be upscale? Is anything homemade? Most everything looked pretty comercial to me. The steam tables with the hot food looked downright awful. I left pretty bummed out and disappointed.

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          By upscale, I meant Variety (sorry about that!) it's just not a store with bagels only like the one I would go to in Wykagel. The menu has everything on it so that's what I meant by that. I mean you can have a salad to a Panini to a basic sandwich etc...They have burgers!! Actually I did not pay attention to the hot food since I was going for a basic bagel with lox cream cheese, which I enjoyed.
          Since I am not a bagel conniseur, I trust your judgement..lol. Glad you went....Do u live in that area?

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            Paris, thank you for clarifying what you meant to say and yes I live in Tuckahoe.
            I usually get my bagels from Goldberg's Famous bagels and deli on Central Avenue in Yonkers. For the most part they are very good but they have an issue with consistency, as in for every few good bagels you get they throw in a dud! The bagel loft is a lot closer and I want to support our local businesses therefore I really want to like them.

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              I was going to ask you where you get your bagels...Living in MKisco somehow I always end up in SW since I work near Tuckahoe so I am always on Central Avenue for something. Will def go Goldbergs to get some. Where are they near on CA?
              It is def nice to support the local stores!