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Feb 27, 2013 07:54 AM

Good products for Passover

Let's help each other out by sharing finds - with location - of new or good chow-ish products for Passover (e.g. no Passover boxed cake mixes :-)) I'll start by noting that last year I was in search of olives that didn't taste exactly like the can they came in and have already found that Oxygen (so far) has 3 different kinds for Passover. Found them at Prime Butcher Baker, NYC, Upper East Side.

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  1. I just found Passover "Israeli couscous" at Food Emporium... Won't know until Pesach if it's good or not, but at least it's different.

    1. Oxygen also makes great marinades that were kosher for pesach last year. It was stamped either on the lid or the wrapper over the lid and was KFP Sefardi since some Ashkenazim hold that some of the spices are kitniyot. I've seen the marinades/stir fry sauces at Kosher Marketplace on a regular basis and frequently at Seasons, both in the 90s in the UWS.

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        Some of the Oxygen marinades (at least last year) were not stamped as Sefardi and did not have kitniyot. A number of the Oxygen preserves and jams are also KFP. I found them in the Acme on Ryders Lane in East Brunswick, NJ (or is it Milltown? they are right next to each other).