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Feb 27, 2013 07:43 AM

Best pick for b.y.o.b this Sat. nite?

Vermonters visiting Philadelphia this weekend - could be our last trip for awhile because our family might be moving. Looked at The Farm and the Fisherman and found it discouragingly expensive and well, booked. Have had lovely meals at Gayle (closed sadly) and Osteria in the past. Need Philly Board's advice for funky, warm, not $30++ entrees, buzzy but not so much so we can't get in at this late date, top pick.

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    1. How big is the party?

      At a quick glance: Cochon has some 2-tops available on the early-ish and late side. Very good BYOB and entrees in the $25 range. Russet has some reservations available too though I think it is more expensive.

      Also -- make sure you call any place you are really interested in, often not all tables are on OpenTable.

      Whatever you do, book ASAP.

      1. Cochon is good, actually right across the street from it is another very good BYOB, Ulivo, they have tables according to CityEats (some Philly restaurants are on CityEats but not Opentable, it pays to check both). Entrees there are $20-$25 but I like the starters and pastas more.

        1. Consider Bistro 7 on 3rd Street, steps from Market. Not everyone's first choice, but I always have a good meal here. Also, not sure if you can get in, but Kanella is worth a try.

          1. Will be in town as well [from NY] and did my research in Jan but had to cancel those plans. Here's what I'm doing: Melograno or Little Fish Friday nite and Cochon Saturday. Sent others last week to Matyson because I wanted to go but didn't have time - they enjoyed it much. They went to Cochon too and liked that as well.