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Feb 27, 2013 07:38 AM


Anybody been yet?

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  1. I went there after the new years. Gorgeous space, but I wasn't a big fan of the off-handed snobbish service and the boisterous crowd on the weekend.

    I had the Margherita and shared some calamari and cold cuts for appetizer. I liked the pie crust but for me it was under-seasoned and...arh, wet toppings!

    My companions who ordered the pastas (bolognese got high marks) seemed to enjoy the meal more than I did.

    All in all, it was not bad, but I'd prefer strada 241 any day.

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      Went last night and have to agree the place is are the waitresses! Was with a friend of the owner so service could not have been more attentive. Shared a bunch of dishes. Housemade meatballs, agnolotti, a pizza diablo and the bone in filet served sliced, with roasted potaoes and veggies. Have to say I enjoyed each dish, however needed two bottles of water throughtout the night as I slept, so the food was really salty. For a snowy Wednesday the place was hopping. Would definetely return..especailly for the pizza and pasta.

    2. Wanted to check in here. Has anyone been lately and if so, how is the food? I am going to a Second City show, and obviously it's convenient, but I don't want to bother with it if it's really not great food. Any tips?

      1. I was at the closing party of the Italian Film festival and these guys had a HUGE roast pig (porchetta). It was delicious! They should do a night at the restaurant where they serve this. I didn't realize it is a pretty new spot. Based on the food that they had at the party I would go and check them out. Anyone else been since earlier this year?