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Feb 27, 2013 06:42 AM

Food worthy of bringing back on the plane??

I started a thread on food souvenirs, but are there any specific food items that I should bring back on the plane? Like a specific cake or pastries? My friend just brought me back some Cuban pastries from Miami, so I'm wondering if Atlanta has some must have food items that I should risk bringing back with me on the plane (especially things I won't be able to find back home)?! Not sure if I'm allowed to bring back anything containing meat (flying to Toronto), and pretty sure raw fruit is not allowed (would've liked to find some scuppernongs since we don't have them, but don't want to take the risk), so is there anything else? TIA!

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  1. What an interesting question. I definitely do the same thing when I travel, and there are some very specific food memories from other places.

    I don't know that Atlanta has a food that is particularly Atlanta and that also travels well. If I lived outside the south, though, I might try to bring back a caramel cake from Rhodes Bakery. Caramel cake is southern but not specifically Atlanta, and IMHO the one at Rhodes is very good.

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      Thanks this is exactly the type of thing I was thinking. Question, is it Rhodes Bakery or Bill Rhodes Bakery? A little confusing because when you google them both are in Atlanta and both have reviews about their caramel cake?!!

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        Two locations for the original Rhodes. Someone else here might know about Bill Rhodes, but I do not.

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          Perfect thanks! Just wanted to make sure I have the right one ;)

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          Just remembered Sublime Doughnuts. Since you have a sweet tooth (me too!), this is worth a trip. You could easily hit the Cheshire Bridge location of Rhodes Bakery and Sublime Doughnuts in one trip on your way to the airport. You can (and must) order Rhodes' caramel cake in advance, but I'm pretty sure at Sublime the offerings are whatever he feels like making that particular day, and they often run out of the more popular and interesting creations early.

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            Yes, I've heard of Sublime but was debating whether to try it out. Is it "just another" donut shop? I was planning to try Glazed in Charleston.

            BTW, I just called Border Services and they said the cake should be fine if it's in its commercial packaging with proper documentation?! I'm assuming they just pack the cake in a white cake box, but do they have any stickers/labels affixed to make it clear it was store bought? Thanks :)

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              Glazed is good too. Didn't know you're going to Charleston. That's a whole 'nother food story. Please go to Husk there. You won't be sorry. I go to Chas. several times a year and keep a list. That one is tops at the moment.

              Rhodes should be able to accommodate your needs. Just tell them what you need when you call to order the cake.

              1. re: krwolffman

                Oooohh...I'd love to hear that list?! ;)

                I didn't include Husk on my list since we will be travelling with young kids...don't want to get the evil eye!

      2. ive been thiking about this and came up with 2--sweet potatoe pie from silver skillet or banana pudding from carvers

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          Thanks for the suggestions...

          The problem with Carvers is that our flight leaves on a Saturday, and I think they're closed. But we do plan to eat there so I'll make sure I at least try it!

          I absolutely lovvvveee sweet potato pie, so that's a possibility. Can you imagine how I'm going to look at the airport with a box of caramel cake and pie?! lol