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Feb 27, 2013 06:22 AM

Cognac Bistro, Brookline

We really enjoyed our dinner at Cognac Bistro last night.

Our oyster options were Bluepoint ($1 each), Duxbury, MVI, and Wianno. MVI were quite briny while the Bluepoints were crisp and sweet. Wianno were a bit flat for me, but Duxbury were nice and plump. Nice to see variety in the oyster options.

Our Fig & Burrata Croustade with walnut pesto, pancetta & watercress was delightful - sweet, salty, cheesy on such a flavorful yet delicate crust.

The pork sausage ‘boudin blanc’ with duck confit cassoulet & gremolata was winter heartiness in a bowl.

We also had whole roasted Bronzini ‘provençal’ with roasted russet potatoes, onion & cured plum tomatoes. The fish was cooked perfectly - the chef clearly has a way with seafood.

The only forgettable piece for me was dessert, which featured a chocolate truffle that was little more than ganache in a dish and a berry crisp that was unremarkable.

Service was efficient and thoughtful - we were celebrating a birthday and the waitress put a candle in our crisp.

We've stopped by several times on the weekends it's been packed - now I know why! Looking forward to returning.

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  1. Nice report - we dine with friends in Brookline from time to time and can't break out of the Washington Square Tavern routine - this is a really nice option. :)

    1. I reaaly like that place, too!

      1. I've eaten there a few times and been satisfied with the care put into the meal. Don't often eat dessert so that isn't an issue.

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        1. re: lergnom

          we've been regulars here for a while and I've written about how much we enjoy it. They serve lunch now. On the desert issue, they don't really serve desert: they have three little "tastes": a tiny chocolate item, a tiny bread pudding, and I forget the third. They are missing a few odd things: can't get a cup of tea! Don't know why. Still, their lunch is great: try the bouillabaisse sandwhich or the lobster roll or the decadent onion soup which makes a nice lunch all by itself.

          1. re: teezeetoo

            The third dessert is a tiny creme brulee. I'm also a regular (I live a block away) and had lunch there just today (onion soup and some shared calamari) - my third visit in the past week!