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Feb 27, 2013 04:47 AM

German restaurants in London

I am wondering where there are traditional German restaurants in London that serve traditional, local German food and beer which also have good atmosphere and are relatively cheap? Please help? Thanks

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  1. on the list for a while is the octoberfest pub in fulham

    if you do check it out, pls let ut us know what you thought

    1. Stein's at Richmond.

      On a fine day, there's no better location for your German scran. You could do wurst than try it.

      1. Strictly speaking I think it's Austrian rather than German, but the Tiroler Hut ( on Queensway might be worth a look.

        I've never been, but from the outside it looks as though it might make a fun night out.

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            Tiroler Hut is a full night out -- theres lots of singing, glass playing, trumpeting, etc., all done by an old Hungarian guy (I presume all nights are like that -- I went during Christmas and they had a set-menu). A quick and quiet supper it is not. The food was actually far better than my expectations after seeing the place (very low), though the menu is limited somewhat.

            I didn't even know Bodos Schloss did food; it's more of a nightclub so I would be weary of going there for a meal unless you're planning on remaining inside till the party starts.

            Bistro Delicat in Clapham is very cool, with solid Austrian bistro food -- I had an excellent schnitzel served with a rosti (that was about 1.5 years ago so things might have descended into chaos by now).

            There is also the German pub on City Road and their sister pub near Tower Bridge which is more about drinking than eating, I suspect (having only ever had large steins served by girls with even larger jugs).

            Finally, Borough Market has Katzenjammer which has a great beer selection on tap, and even more impressive in bottles. It's kind of dingy on account of it being located in the vaults, but I've heard the food is good (I've only drank).

            1. re: brokentelephone

              another nice one - a bit portion stingy - is kipferl in islington.

              1. re: brokentelephone

                I'd avoid the Bavarian Beerhouses (Tower Hill and City Road) at all costs. They're just horrible over-priced City pubs. Food mediocre, beer served in chipped steins, toilets somewhere I'd really rather forget.

            2. Again, Austrian rather than German, but there's Kipferl in Angel ( There's also the German Deli in Borough ( for charcuterie and deli takeaway stuff, and Katzenjammers nearby in Borough which is slightly touristy but does a decent job of the bierhall experience