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Feb 26, 2013 11:33 PM

Good place to buy local food products in San Antonio - Central Market?

I'm looking for somewhere to buy local food products that I can bring back to California. I'm thinking of ready-to-use products (including snacks and fruit), not ingredients, by the way. Is Central Market a good place? Anywhere else (easy to reach from the River Walk, or by car en route from San Antonio to Austin)?

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  1. Central Market is awesome, a destination in it's own right. For local products, consider one of the farmer's markets. Saturdays at the Pearl, Sundays at The Quarry.

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      I think we'll be there on Saturday, so it sounds like a perfect excuse to explore the Pearl. Thanks!

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        Great restaurants there by the way. La Gloria, Il Sogno, Nao, the Culinary Institute bakery, Sandbar, some new BBQ place. Avoid Boilerhouse though, have heard bad things.