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Can anyone recommend a community Seder in Manhattan?

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Either UES or UWS preferred.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I think Talia's Steakhouse does one. I've been there on Pesach before (not for a seder though) and the food was quite similar to their usual fare - it was good for Pesach food, but wasn't particularly inventive.

    1. I think I remember that the Prime group did sedarim last year. Phone and ask

      1. Talia's for sure. But MJE does them as well and maybe OZ.

        1. Call up the local Chabad and find out if they have one there. I went to the one in the 5 towns for the last few years and will be going to one this year in Florida.

            1. Ask the owner at Grill212 on 80th Street, he is considering doing a real family table at the restaurant and he has a beautiful voice for chazanut too