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Mo Better Meatty Meat burgers on La Brea ????

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So has anyone finally been here ?????

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  1. I went a couple of months ago. We were the only ones in the place. The people were very nice. They made everything from scratch while we watched, but it took forever. Unfortunately, it was nothing special.

    1. whoa! That's a blast from the past. Did they re-open? I soooo remember loving their burgers from Farifax and Pico-my first hood in LA back in 93-96. Too bad it sounds like they are not as good. Anyone remember their peppery Turkey burgers?

      1. Just to nudge this one again.

        I went to the Mo Betta on Fairfax years ago, and thought they did a really good burger. They had a hilariously disorganized, chaotic kitchen that took forever to get an order out, but that was almost part of the fun (if you just went occasionally).

        I never seem to find their new shop on La Brea open. Am I just driving by at the wrong times?

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          Yeah. I don't know.

          Me too on being a fan of the original on Fairfax and Pico and on Pico near Hauser.

          Please keep trying.

          No clue why no one has never really hit up this location.

        2. looks like tons of people have visited (or at least tons of their friends)

          they've been open every time i've driven by (to and fro republique/sycamore, etc.


          and they're active on fb: https://www.facebook.com/mobetterburgers