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Feb 26, 2013 09:13 PM

Short List of Gaslamp Places?


My wife will be conventioneering in your fair city next week, and is interested in a few recommendations in or near to the Quarter for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cuiusine and price not as important as quality. Local flavor is always welcome.



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  1. Jsix, Bice, Urbn and Meze are all right there in the Gaslamp Qtr.

    Nearby (short walk or cab) are places like Urban Cucina, Monello, Bencotto, Carnitas Snack Shack, Super Cocina and Las Cuatro Milpas.

    1. +1 on JSix. Also, Cafe Chloe is only a few blocks outside the Gaslamp and would be a good choice for dinner.

      For lunch, consider Cafe Istanbul at 6th and E and Salad Style at 6th and F.

      1. is Croce's still around? I'm NOT suggesting it, it is (was?) a weird death shrine bar to an early 70's musician who only had a few hits.

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        1. re: hill food

          It is. still. around. ugh. Though, I think they have swing lessons on Sunday nights.

          1. re: Dagney

            I had an odd feeling it would be. during my life in KS it was amusing to watch swing lessons and chug down intoxicants of choice. but I can think of better pursuits in SD.

        2. Aloha..
          I would add:
          Grant Grill at the US Grant Jsix..for b/l/d.
          Oyster & Sushi bar at Fish Market..
          Top of the Market
          Avenue 5
          Cowboy Star
          Lucys taco shop
          Tin Fish for fish tacos
          Cafe Chloe
          Las Cuatro Milpas under Coronado bridge for breakfast/lunch

          Little Italy...Bencotta..Starlite
          Point Loma..Bali Hai..Tender Greens lunch

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          1. re: Beach Chick

            I remember drinks at the Grant Hotel, such a classic place.

            I'll have to forward these to my nephew (who's new-ish to those parts)

            before drinks or dinner I'd suggest the old-school roller coaster out by the beach if still there. it's the kind that's scary not because of the drops or the speed, but the minimal safety equipment...

            1. re: hill food

              That roller coaster still kicks serious ass..

          2. Mahalo nui loa to you all for your suggestions!