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Feb 26, 2013 08:37 PM

Side dish ( a starch) to go with Moussaka

I am looking for a splendid side dish to go with moussaka for a dinner party. Would love your favorite recipe for the lamb and eggplant dish as well. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Whenever I've had Moussaka -- particularly in the Greek countryside -- it's had a layer of potatoes in it, so you certainly don't need more starch. It's a complete meal in and of itself. Just a thought.

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        The potatoes are optional, I like it better without them. I too am looking for a delicious rendition. I was thinking of trying bobby flay's recipe with goat cheese, I know it is not traditional. I also love my eggplant peeled! It is quite rich so I would pair something bitter( rapini or radicchio/endive salad) and acidic( salad dressing) and finish off the veg with a sprinkling of toasted nuts or seeds for crunch. A Greek salad would be delicious but maybe a little predictable.

      2. The version I make does not have potatoes in it. I've seen those and I've also seen versions that do not use a bechamel/egg topping. I use the bechamel topping and because of the richness I've never thought of needing a starch on the side. I would go with a nice salad and either garlic bread (if you must have a starch) or a loaf of pizza caccia nanza and a dish of good olive oil to dip it in. Add cracked black pepper, basil pesto, and feta, if you like.

        1. What about orzo? Maybe you could mix some of the flavors of the traditional greek salad into the orzo itself.

          1. I made this moussaka and it was fab:
            though I would probably make the meat filling the day ahead, then do the potatoes, aubergine, custard and assembly on the day of eating, otherise it's quite a lot of work.

            I wouldn't serve a starch with it either as it already contains potato. Just a salad, or maybe some green beans with lemon and garlic - something sharp and crunchy to cut through the richness of the dish.

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              Thanks for this link, will definitely try it! Love their food; usually order the excellent lamb chops or grilled time, moussaka.

              I've only made a vegetarian version but we love it.
              Keep meaning to try the meat version...

              Oh, I agree about the salad as others have stated. Rich dish. May be a soup?

              ETA: on the recipe, I don't bread/fry eggplant, just bake in oven.