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Feb 26, 2013 07:14 PM

Honey Salt or Le Cirque?

Greetings fellow Chowhounds. Next week we are driving from L.A. for 2 nights. On day 2, we're doing our usual dinner at Joe's. On our last trip we were to have dined at Le Cirque for the first time, but had to come back home before our dinner. I'd love to hear from anyone who might offer advice on the two restaurants mentioned in my post.
Best wishes,

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  1. I adore Le Cirque; I've dined there 4 times in the past, and have a reservation for my upcoming trip to LV in a few weeks. I have found their food to be excellent (especially from their current chef, Gregory Pugin), decor is beautiful, and service is very attentive. I am not familiar with the other restaurant.

    1. Those are completely two different concepts. I have not been to Honey Salt, but seems to get pretty good reviews as a place for more casual dining off strip. Although Eating Las Vegas did not give it a great review. Not that they said the food was bad, it was just another chain restaurant concept in the making.

      It is night and day in terms of dining experience and cost.

      1. I agree: these are COMPLETELY different restaurants. Indeed, the word "restaurant" is about the only thing they share . . .

        Why these two?

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          Honey Salt because of friends who were just in your city, and they had a great experience. Le Cirque because I had to cancel a planned dinner there, and it was to have been my first time there. Guess I've been thinking about what we might have missed. As of today though, it turns out that we will be with 2 friends who live in your city, and they want to try Honey Salt, so there it shall be!

          1. re: JeffW

            Hope you report back, because the reviews are all over the map on Honey Salt.

              1. re: Dave Feldman

                Hi Dave,
                It was a lot of fun being in your city and dining off of the Strip. Four of us were at the Honey Salt dinner, and truth be told, I was the one who scored food wise. My tomato salad had the creamiest Burrata with shavings of unsweetened chocolate...this made the dish for me, although I found it odd that the chocolate was listed as an addition for $1. I had scallops for my main dish, and they were some of the best I've ever had. At our table another appetizer was enjoyed...the Tuna tartare. For mains, two diners ordered the half chicken that was cooked a la Mattone style (under a weight to press while cooking) Both diners felt the chicken was dry and the skin was not all that crispy. The other main was a pizza that well....just wasn't all that well received. Honey Salt has some good stuff going on regarding their ice creams, and a cookie assortment was fine. Very homemade and rustic. The place was all abuzz with activity on a weekday night. No sour grapes here at all, but I'm inclined to say that it did not feel a "destination worthy" restaurant for us. No doubt it does serve a niche for local folk.

                1. re: JeffW

                  Thanks for the balanced review. Don't you love it when you order right compared to others in your party? The only downside is you don't feel like sharing with the "losers."

                  1. re: Dave Feldman

                    That is too funny, what you said! Truth be told though, I'm a good dinner date where others are concerned. I wanted everyone to have bites of my dinner, so I shared o'plenty....on the other hand, I tend to get a bit "cranky" when I have to share desserts :)

                    1. re: JeffW

                      Don't want to get off-topic here, but don't you silently seethe when you are the only one who orders dessert (your tablemates profess zero interest in such, and the waiter brings four forks or spoons)? The baby in me wants to grab the plate and run off with it.

                      Just kidding. Sort of.

                        1. re: cookie monster

                          Thanks for the link. To me, the most interesting comment was yours:

                          "It's interesting to me thet people view dessert differently from other parts of the meal. If you ordered a salad and your friend didn't, neither she nor the server would assume that you're going to share it 50/50."

                          I think there are matters of gender, shame, and image involved here, but this isn't probably the place to discuss this.