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Feb 26, 2013 07:05 PM


I just read a negative review for Frenchies. I would like more feedback. I wanted to try this restaurant on my trip to Paris.
I have 4 nights in Paris and would spend up to 99 euro at most.
Thanks for information and suggesions

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  1. I've never been there, but I believe it is called Frenchie.

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    1. Could you give us a link to the article? Otherwise we feel as though we were blindfolded replying you, or answering the kids' 20-questions guessing game.
      Is it the food? the setting? the service? the bill? the fengshui? Thanx.

      1. I like Frenchie (yeah, someone responded to the oft used plural), for what it promises and delivers. This place was especially innovative when it opened several years ago. The cuisine and products are well prepared. I'd suggest dining at the second seating, at 9:30pm, for a more convivial and less hectic experience. I'm a fan of Greg's enterprise. I especially like the wine bar. Greg and his staff always greet us warmly with a knowing welcome, even though we drink or eat there only a few times a year.

        1. oops, I meant the food at the restaurant, Le Reminent.
          The article said it is just for tourists and the food has gone downhill. Sorry, was overtired when I wrot that. We do want to go to Frenchie

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