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Feb 26, 2013 05:45 PM

Sangak In Seattle

Talk about an "artisan" bread category that Seattle is sorely missing.
Anyone been to Iran? Or for that matter, the Naan Hut in North Vancouver BC? The process is a real glimpse into ancient times when they would bake a "sourdough" bread on hot stones.

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  1. Hi JayDK,

    My Mom buys frozen Sangak bread from persian markets in Bellevue (Persepolis Specialties, 13112 Northeast 20th Street). I'm pretty sure they're imported from LA, though. Still tastes pretty darn good out of the toaster, but nothing like having one fresh out of the tanoor.

    Where did you see the process of making Sangak? You can see it on youtube. Sang means stone in Farsi, and the ending -ak means "small", so Sangak literally means "small stone."

    I'm not an expert, but I think this in reference to the small stones (pebbles) on which the flat dough is laid to bake. When the flat sangak bread is cooked and removed from the oven, the baker carefully removes any pebbles which have stuck to the bread to spare you the trip to the dentist.


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      I was in Vancouver BC a few weeks ago when I happened onto the Naan Hut in North Vancouver.
      They have a rotating oven with little stones set into the hearth.
      The guy at the front counter explained the process and it was fascinating.