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Feb 26, 2013 05:02 PM

Nontraditional wedding cake

Hi all,

I'm helping a friend put together her wedding for Sept. 2013, and though they are both obsessed with the idea of a fancy Aliens-inspired cake, they understand that it would probably be out of their budget.

Does anyone in the food industry have a pro-tip for who in Vancouver does this kind of thing though? Maybe we could get just a topper, to put on an existing dessert?

They love this one:

I've got to admit, I think the body of the cake looks just as cool/cooler than the toppers!

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  1. A friend of mine does wedding cakes in the Vancouver area. Cakes By Meg. You can look up her info online. If its out of your friends budget, I'm sure she will point you in the right direction.

    1. That's an unusual cake alright.

      Maybe if they like meatloaf .......

      1. Geeksweets can create an epic nerd cake of epicness for your friends.
        The woman running the operation is lovely, and her prices are reasonable. I'm in the game industry / tech space & all my friends are hella nerdy, so we've sampled her stuff on several occasions.

        1. Mark does beautiful stuff and would definitely enjoy doing something a bit out there

          1. I've had good luck (and yummy cake) at Cake Conspiracy

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              Those cakes are brilliant-BRILLIANT!!

              Watched all 122+ photos-loved them all especially the Rowing Club cake.

              This past summer I met a famous Ozzie cake maker who told me that while adults often want to preserve special occasion cakes kids are much more practical-wanting nothing more than to chow down Now!