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March'13 MSP Dish of the Month - VOTING

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Nominations are now closed and let the voting begin!

1. One vote per person
2. Voting begins at 6 pm 2/26 and will run until 6 pm 2/28
3. Multiple votes will invalidate all of your votes
4. I don't get to vote

Select from the following nominated items:

chicken fried steak
corned beef & cabbage
fish fry
lamb curry
tres leches cake

Happy voting!

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  1. Chicken fried steak!

    1. Corned beef & cabbage

      1. Toast

        1. Chicken Fried Steak

          1. fish fry

            1. toast

              1. Corned Beef and cabbage

                1. Fish fry

                  1. Fish Fry.

                    1. chicken fried steak

                      1. Voting totals are getting close. Get your vote in by 6 pm 2/28.

                        In the event of a tie there will be a three hour window to cast a tie breaker vote (by 9 pm 2/28).

                        As a reminder multiple votes in the main voting will cancel all your votes. If a tie occurs you are welcome to cast another vote in the runoff/tie breaker.

                        1. toast

                          1. Fish fry

                            1. Corned beef & cabbage

                              1. Toast

                                1. Toast

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                                  1. re: LauraB

                                    FISH FRY

                                  2. corned beef & cabbage

                                    1. FISH FRY

                                      1. Voting is now closed.