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Restaurants with Great views in Vancouver

I'm looking to spend a lot of time eating on my next trip to Vancouver with my husband and I've decided that I want a nice view while I eat (other than my darling husband of course.) I've read a bit about Seasons at Queen Elizabeth Park and the menu looks fine. Does anyone have any experience there or with any other place that has great views?

Thanks so much :)

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  1. This is a thorny question too! I have yet to find a place in/near Vancouver that I can recommend for the food. Seasons is pretty execrable, overpriced with mediocre food and lacklustre service at best. Perhaps Fraiche in North Van (it is on my hit list)?

    1. Ah Yes the eternal Vancouver quandary-decent food or a view.

      You might have a decent cook working the Teahouse & the view can be stellar of an evening.....or not.

      1. Sam, you didn't even mention your namesake ;-)

        Salmon House on the Hill

        1. Horizons on Burnaby Mountain:

          Sooke Harbour House (Sooke, Vancouver Island):

          The Galley Patio & Grill, Spanish Banks/Kitsilano:

          The Mill Marine Bistro, Coal Harbour:

          Cardero's, Coal Harbour:

          LIFT Bar & Grill, Coal Harbour:

          The Flying Beaver Bar & Grill, Sea Island South Terminal:

          Bridges, Granville Island:

          C, Granville Island:

          Provence Marinaside, False Creek North:

          Cloud 9 Revolving Restaurant:

          Just remember the maxim that, the better the view, (often) the pricier the food and the lesser the food quality. YMMV.

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            LR, that is a list of view places for sure but your caveat is sound! C (which BTW is not on Granville Island) is the only one I could recommend for food here in town. Though Lift could get a second chance given that Chef Alvarez is there now per fmed :-).

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              Thanks for picking that up, GE. Maybe I meant they have a great view *of* Granville Island [grin]

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              What about Cactus Club English Bay and soon to be opened Convention Centre? No worse and probably better than many on that list. There's others on English Bay if you like chain style eating.

              And the Teahouse in Stanley Park: http://www.vancouverdine.com/teahouse. Same folks as Cardero's, Sandbar, Seasons. Same caveats as all of the above. Very nice views though.

              I had a good meal at Lift last summer, better than I expected.

              1. re: Anne M

                I see the Cactus Club @ the new Convention Centre is opening tomorrow. The Olympic Cauldron is being lit in celebration.

                Apparently it takes $5000 + admin costs and they'll fire it up: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british...

                1. re: Anne M

                  perfect! will they accept pennies? :-D
                  I'd suggest Lift again for food and View.
                  Havent been but took a peek at the menu.
                  Love to try the liquid 'black forest cake'.

            3. I would scout around Coal Harbour (eg Lift, Carderos) downtown or in Granville Island (eg Sandbar) for the best views. Lift is particularly interesting as well-regarded Chef Jefferson Alvarez recently joined that group. (I enjoyed his cooking at Divino (in my 'hood) and at Fraiche.)

              1. I really liked the food, view and service we got at the Sandbar. But given your username I don't know if it would be a good choice. Are you requiring vegan food?

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                  i'm no longer completely vegan, the name is just old :)

                  1. re: vegan73

                    We have a friend whose name is Megan, and coincidentally/ironically she was a vegan at one time (one of those "phases"), but later returned to eating meat again. We joke how her name seems to describe that aptly :-)

                2. Fraiche in West Van used to be the go-to place for the best view, but not sure how it is now that Chef Alvarez has left.


                  1. For food fraiche, lift, C's.
                    Though none were worthy of a return last i was there.
                    Seasons in the park has appointed Dennis Peckham.
                    For view cactus club looks like has the market corner.
                    Bear in mind, not all seat in this resto have a great view. Suggest making a reso.
                    If given a choice I'd try lift again.