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Feb 26, 2013 01:58 PM

Family of Four

We are a family of four (1 adults & 2 boys, 6 & 10) travelling to Pittsburgh in April. Adventurous eaters all, willing to spend money if it is worth it but always happy to eat at a dive or cheap joint with great food. Going to Penguins and Pirates games so will be staying around the arena or ball park. Looking for suggestions for great food in kid friendly places for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Can you help?

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  1. We take our kids of similar age almost anywhere. Nicky's Thai Kitchen on the north side is good. What do you like to eat? How far will you travel? Do you have a car and are willing to drive?

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      Thanks for the reply. We like most things, ethnic, BBQ, pizza. Thai is a good suggestion. We will have a car and are happy to travel for dinner, would prefer to keep breakfast and lunch close to our hotel and attractions. We take our kids most places as well.

    2. North Side
      Max's Allegheny Tavern - german, pretzels, fried pickles, latke reubens (my fav), potato pancakes and all the meat and sausage, may be good for lunch or dinner of course, lots of history on walls
      Legends North Shore - I've never eaten here but it gets good reviews, lunch or dinner
      Priory Bakery on East Ohio Street is close enough to walk from Legends and Max's and has cookies for the kids.

      Strip - across river
      Especially Sat morning the strip is perfect for walking up and down, research as you want. Our favorites for eating casually: pepperoni rolls from the bread street seller at the Sunseri owned location on the same side as and closer to Wholeys, the spicy greasy mung bean pancakes from Asian vendor, the tacos outside of Reyna's are so good, so many other options plus just walking through Macaroni Company. Penn Ave Fish is fabulous but very small.
      Pamelas is always highly recommended for especially pancakes - expect to wait at rush times.
      Primanti's sit down is a good one with kids.
      Kaya is a bit more expensive

      Union Pig & Chicken has been my favorite bbq, so good. It seems pretty open in the early hours after opening and I would assume through early dinner hours. Farther away toward East.

      In Oakland
      Lulu's noodles is okay food but a super fun atmosphere,
      Spice Island Tea house is better food,
      Chipotle fast casual mexican if you don't have it near you is very good and one of my favorite chains.

      McKnight Road near Ross Park Mall if you want to shop
      Mad Mex (across and up McKnight from mall so you have to go north from mall then U turn around or bear right and then around and left to go south to Mad Mex on right ... sorry that isn't going to make sense writing) is local Big Burrito chain and decent food - wings, great happy hour, cal-mex, honestly food spotty sometimes. Kid meals great.

      Let me know if you need more ideas, other locations, etc.

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        This is exactly the sort of response we are looking for! Our kids love meat and sausages, so Max's Allegheny Tavern will be great. Already had Union Pig & chicken on the list but this reinforces the choice. We had planned to spend some time wandering around the Strip, so your tips on where to eat there are just what we need. A non-food question, if I might. We will be going to the Andy Warhol Museum but, do your kids have a favourite museum? Science Center, Natural History, Children's, Mattress Factory? And, if so, do you have restaurant reccomendations near there?

        1. re: jvan

          Union Pig & Chicken - pork shoulder chunks, the best!

          Warhol - super unique, even my fairly liberal parenting self wants to cover the kids' eyes sometimes.

          Mattress Factory - also super uh unique and "modern" so be sure to look at the website before going, neat facility, similar in aspects to Warhol.

          Depending on how big of a city you've visited museums in before - Science Center is good and similar to science centers in other big cities, the attached SportsWorks is fun, the Carnegie History and Art Museums are in one location and one ticket also similar to other big city museums and good lots of dinosaurs. You may be able to buy a membership to the Carnegie and cover your entries to Sci Ctr, Art & Hist, and Warhol for $150.

          The food at the Art & Hist is not bad at all but the Oakland recommendations cover you there - Lulu's is a short walk from museum. The North Side food covers you on the Children's and Science Center and Warhol.

          The Children's Museum is the most unique to me in Pittsburgh of the bunch. I took my 6 and 10 there last summer and they could stay until closing - great make your own art facility (painting, print making, clay, paper making), a make-it where they can work with electrical circuits and weaving, a water level to play with making locks for boats (re-opening late April), a garage with slides. You can easily walk to Legends or Max's from here although the cafe is much better than you would expect with homemade soups and reasonable prices.