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Feb 26, 2013 01:39 PM

Are there any American Restaurants in Europe?

I am not referring to chains, rather restaurants that serve calssic american diner food or BBQ or Southern soul food? I was talking to a German co-worker and he said you will nto find an Americn nor an English restaurant in Germany. Mexican, Irish Pubs, Turkish, Greek, Italian, but not American.

The other noteable comment was there are no chain restaurants in Germany. They don't have a KFC, McDonalds, Olive Garden equivalent. No House of Wurst. I find that very interesting.


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  1. Huh? No McDonald's in Germany? No KFC? Your friend must not get out much. There are lots of chain restaurants in Germany (Subway too).

    1. I lived in Germany from 2010-2012 and there are DEF chain restaurants there.

      Also, your co-worker apparently doesn't know how to use Google: http://bit.ly/V6s4kS

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          I loved Wienerwald in both Germany and in Austria.

          1. re: shoo bee doo

            When in Austria I treasured Wienerwald for its salad bar, not common in Europe, and its chicken was delicious.

            1. re: Querencia

              Heute bleibt die Kueche kalt, gehennwir zum Wienerwald!

              1. re: Gretchen

                Was that their slogan?

                Sadly, the Viennese friend who wanted to invite me to the original Wienerwald (the woods, not the chain) died a few years ago

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          Hell, I lived in Germany from 1968-1972 and within 10 miles there was a KFC, an A&W, and a Dairy Queen. Granted, I lived on a honking big US military base but all those places were off-base.

        3. They had US chains when I was there last year.
          They may not have a house of wurst but they do have the WienerWald chain.


          1. They don't have a KFC or McDonald's equivalent because they have KFC and McDonald's in Germany (and France and most of the rest of Europe).

            But yes, in bigger cities you can find American diner food (Paris has The Real McCoy, Breakast in America, and Joe Allen, among others) Barbecue (at least one each in Paris and London) -- don't know about soul food - never looked (I'm busy eating the local specialities....)

            There's Quick, the Belgian-born hamburger chain you'll find all across France, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

            Germany has *lots* of chains -- Nordsee (fish), Wienerwald (chicken, despite the name), and Vapiano (Italian), as well as Pizza Hut, Domino's, Subway...many regional chains of bakeries, wursts (MeisterBock), fries....

            France also has Buffalo Grill and Hippopotamus, both of which are riffs on the Bennigan's/TGI Friday's theme, and Leon de Bruxelles and La Criee to balance out the Red Lobster theme

            1. 5 minutes on the internet put paid to the above statement. I think you would have to be blind not to see a Subway franchise almost anywhere you were. Wendy's did leave, but I don't know why. There were always more Germans than US troops and families in line.