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Another word for bread crumbs (sort of)

Hi Chowhounds - I'm writing menu and have a dish with large toasted bread crumbs in it - bread crumbs sounds mundane and I am stumped - toasted bread shards... I'm tearing the bread into shreds and then toasting them in olive oil -

Maybe you can help with a great descriptor...

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      1. Jumbo crusted crouton exterior.

            1. I like "toasted bread shards, " and think it's perfectly descriptive of what you're serving.

              1. free-form croutons or rustic croutons

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                1. Rustic gratin? Or does that always have to include cheese?

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                    A gratin is just a topped layer/s of something, baked in a shallow dish - the name of which is gratin. Cheese is not essential. But the OP isn't looking for a name for the entire recipe, just for the bread part.

                      1. I'm thinking just "croutons"

                        then you avoid any pretentiousness.

                          1. Thank you all, I kind of like "rustic croutons" - really like "briciole" (based on what I found, it's kind of like a bread gremolata!!) - but that might be a little too esoteric - I may use it anyway though....

                            Love it when I learn a new word!!

                            And, yes, I do need it to sound a little pretentious (just a little)

                            1. What is the rest of the dish? Would 'panzanella' apply?

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                                Not really, funny though, I've got a panzanella on the same menu list for part of the lunch the following day.

                                This dish is mozzarella with cauliflower & romanesco cauliflower, with anchovy and garlic then topped with the BRICIOLE!!

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                                  Culturally appropriate! I had no idea that your menu's Italianate, just think briciole is a cute word.

                                  1. Housemade, hand-cured bird feed