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Another word for bread crumbs (sort of)

Hi Chowhounds - I'm writing menu and have a dish with large toasted bread crumbs in it - bread crumbs sounds mundane and I am stumped - toasted bread shards... I'm tearing the bread into shreds and then toasting them in olive oil -

Maybe you can help with a great descriptor...

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  1. Irregular croutons?

    1. diffusion le pain.

      1. Jumbo crusted crouton exterior.

        1. Jumbo wild-caught panko?

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          2. croutons

            1. I like "toasted bread shards, " and think it's perfectly descriptive of what you're serving.

              1. free-form croutons or rustic croutons

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                  I second rustic croutons.

                2. Rustic gratin? Or does that always have to include cheese?

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                    A gratin is just a topped layer/s of something, baked in a shallow dish - the name of which is gratin. Cheese is not essential. But the OP isn't looking for a name for the entire recipe, just for the bread part.

                  2. Briciole

                    1. shattered croutons

                      1. I'm thinking just "croutons"

                        then you avoid any pretentiousness.

                        1. Crusted bread bark.

                          1. Thank you all, I kind of like "rustic croutons" - really like "briciole" (based on what I found, it's kind of like a bread gremolata!!) - but that might be a little too esoteric - I may use it anyway though....

                            Love it when I learn a new word!!

                            And, yes, I do need it to sound a little pretentious (just a little)

                            1. What is the rest of the dish? Would 'panzanella' apply?

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                                Not really, funny though, I've got a panzanella on the same menu list for part of the lunch the following day.

                                This dish is mozzarella with cauliflower & romanesco cauliflower, with anchovy and garlic then topped with the BRICIOLE!!

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                                  Culturally appropriate! I had no idea that your menu's Italianate, just think briciole is a cute word.

                              2. Bread curds.

                                1. pangrattato

                                  1. Housemade, hand-cured bird feed