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Feb 26, 2013 01:08 PM

Peasant Wine Bistro - Tarzana

Has anyone been to the Peasant Wine Bistro that opened last week in Tarzana?

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  1. Not been, as it only opened Feb 21. Behind IHOP in that awful mini-mall just east of VanAlden, and sort of quasi-across the street from the Tarzana Peet's Coffee mini-mall.
    Formerly East Wok or The Plum Garden.
    Must be a complete turnover of Chinese places in tarzana, as Mandarin Tiger has also been sold.
    I only hope these guys provide good wines, unlike those at the place next to Coral Tree, which has reallllly ho-hum wine.

    1. I went last night and despite it's location, though easy parking, it's a delightful respite! It's gorgeous inside, thoughtful menu for both food and wine, great service and execution. We were a group of six and had attentive service, tried lots of diffferent small bites, the cheese board, a pizza, and a couple of entrees and really enjoyed everything. Great date night spot, or place to pop in for an interesting glass of wine...The bar is really nice too...Definitely worth trying. It's not your usual Valley spot.

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        How are their prices, and do they have a good selection of wines by the glass? They don't seem to have a full website or menu published online yet.

      2. My wife and I had dinner there on Saturday night. We really enjoyed the restaurant. We started with lobster bisque and a meatball appetizer. Both were delicious. The bisque had puff pastry on top of it which was a nice addition. For mains, I had coq au vin and my wife had chicken parmesan. The chicken parmesan was very well executed, but the coq au vin was sublime. You can tell that they spend the time necessary to make a proper coq au vin. I devoured every bit of it. We shared a delicious apple tart for dessert.

        The wine list is well thought out, and not a typical boring list that is all to common. Definitely a wine list that winos like myself appreciate. I had two different wines by the glass, one was a Lagier Meredith Syrah, and the other was a Chianti that I forgot the name of, but it was pretty good. I asked about corkage and was told that it is $15/bottle. I was also graciously comped a taste of AP Vin Pinot Kanzler Vineyard which was very good.

        The cost for the meal, which also included two glasses of wine was around $90 (with tax) which was quite fair. Service was fantastic. I will definitely dine here in the future. I don't necessarily consider this place a destination restaurant, nor do I think that is what they are trying to do, but I do consider it a neighborhood gem. I wish there were more places like this. I highly recommend this place to those that live in the area or happen to be near Tarzana.