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Feb 26, 2013 01:06 PM

Ponto Final

My husband and I will be in in Lisbon for a week in May. Having lunch or a sunset dinner at a place like Ponto Final sounds like something we would really enjoy doing one day. I'm just wondering if Ponto Final is the best place - is it a very touristy place, overpriced, or is it really as good as reviews I've read? I would love to find a place that is low key and local, where we can enjoy well prepared food and a good glass of wine for not too much expense. If the food is really fantastic, we wouldn't mind spending more, but we don't want to pay just for the view (and reviews!)

Any other recommendations for restaurants on the water or with particularly good views in Lisbon would be welcome. But again, we hate the feeling of paying for mediocre (or worse!) food or service just because a place has a good view and is frequented by tourists.

It looks like there are lots of past posts on this board about Lisbon that I'm looking forward to reading, but thanks in advance for any replies -

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  1. I had read about Ponto Final during my research for our trip and decided this would be an ideal spot for lunch during our day trip to Lisbon. We took the 15 minute ferry ride from Cais do Sodre station to Cacilhas. The restaurant is located at the end of a pier which you arrive at having walked 15 minutes along the waterfront past abandoned warehouses. The restaurant, at the base of the Elevador de Cacilhas, affords fabulous views of Lisbon, the harbour and the April 25th bridge.
    We sat at the edge of the pier, basking in the sunshine and enjoyed an amazing lunch. Along with a bottle of Portuguese rose, we had the delicious monkfish and tomato rice stew that arrived bubbling hot in a clay pot. The stew is only available for 2 persons to share. There was not a drop of sauce left as it was mopped up with the great bread which had been served earlier with the best garlicky olives.
    Ponto Final has been open for 30 years and its customers are a mix of locals and tourists. Our very pleasant waitress told us we must come back for dinner as the view at night is magical. Ponto Final is closed Tuesdays.
    The restaurant has a few friendly cats that make the rounds for scraps. Not bothersome.
    Ponto Final is truly a unique spot. Definitely worth the effort.