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Feb 26, 2013 11:54 AM

The Great Caper Caper

Can you help me brainstorm some uses for capers? I have a quart of them. Do they expire when the expiration says, or is that just being very cautious? Can I incorporate them into baking (like...bread?) I have only ever used them in garnish for chicken picatta and similar ventures, in spaghetti sauce, and on salads.

Ideas? Thanks!

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  1. I don't know what the expiration date is, but on things like pickles, I don't even look at it. In my fridge, capers (& other pickled items) last forever.

    1. They're awesome deep-fried as a garnish for vitello tonnato.

      I also throw 'em into my homemade remoulade.

      1. They are great on fish with lemon and butter and parsley.

        Garnish smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel/ sandwich/ omelet.

        Smitten Kitchen's garlic butter-roasted mushrooms uses a bunch of them and is delicious.

        I mix canned Italian tuna in olive oil (drained) with chopped drained giardineira, lots of capers and sliced olives and add to small pasta shells with some olive oil for an easy take-to-work lunch. Artichoke hearts too if I have any.

        Pasta puttanesca.

        There are a bunch of caper gremolata recipes out on the web that are great on grilled meat or chicken or fish.

        And I am with Bacardi1, well-refrigerated and uncontaminated by sticking dirty utensils into the brine they should last a long, long time.

        1. Haven't been to one of those warehouse stores in YEARS, but one time bought a MASSIVE jar of capers... possibly a GALLON? My sister thought I was NUTS! I portioned them out into half pint jars and recanned them. Sister thought I was less nuts when she got a few jars!

          Kinda doubt they have an "expiration date"... more like a "best if used by"!?! I also don't look at expirations on things like pickles.

          1. Chicken or tuna salad

            Deviled eggs