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Tenoch Mexican in Medford: One Year Anniversary Celebration

Just an FYI to any who are familiar with the amazing, Tenoch Mexican Taqueria in Medford, this Friday, March 1 and Saturday, March 2 they will be celebrating their one year anniversary of being in business.

Their Facebook page promises, food tastings, tepache, Sangria (for sale), a raffle and extended hours (11AM - 10PM) on both days.

If you have not tried Tenoch, it really is a great spot with Torta's and tacos that rival any I've tasted in Boston or beyond. The Boston Globe included in them in their "Best of the New" Restaurants of 2012.

Additionally, the last time we were in, I was chatting with one of the owners and he told me that they are considering opening on Sundays with a limited brunch menu, including the Texas breakfast favorite, Migas. I know of no other restaurant in the city that serves the dish, so I was very excited to hear it.

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  1. Oh! I hope they do brunch. They would be mobbed; brunch in Medford is nonexistent.

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      Yes, but not a big place - they'd be worse than Soundbites when it was small. They'd have to be kicking people out..

      And I hope their coffee would measure up..

    2. Ohh! I have been hearing good things and can not wait to try. Growing up in a Mexican house hold, I have yet to find a place that can come close to home cooking.

      I think you are right I have asked for Migas at other places and some say they do not make special requests that are not on the menu and some have no idea what they are. I still love making a big batch of migas after church on sundays.

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        You gotta go! Youll love it. The chili de Arbol sauce is a must! And clearly I need to come to your house on Sunday!

      2. It's a gem of a spot. May they have many more anniversaries!

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        1. Tenoch is a fantastic spot, and my favorite when it comes to burritos. A colleague of mine gave the recommendation and I have been several times since. Portions/Quality are excellent and enough to not induce a post-lunch food coma.

          Another gem to check out is Que Padre in Eastie. Right on Chelsea street right by Jevelli's, this place is small spot with a similar feel to Tenoch. Top items we had were the Saltenas and the Sonoran Dog

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            Thank you for the heads up on Que Padre. I will definitely check it out. Can you describe what the Sonoran Dog is? I've never had one.

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              Sonoran Dogs are not delicate in any sense of the word, but the combination of the items on there defintiley mesh well togther. It is a bacon wrapped hot dog, topped with pinto beans, jalepeno, tomato, onion, mustard and chipolte mayo.

              Very messy but flavorful. The Saltenas which are essentially Bolvian empenadas are very good too.

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                Wow! That looks amazing. I love Saltenas. Haven't had any good ones since we left DC. We will definitely be going soon. Thank you!!

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                  re: the dogs>> What, no coconut? :-}
                  we've got to try this place in eastie.are they open sundays?
                  (google, here i go.) thk you.

            2. Just came back from lunch during their day 1 of anniversary celebration. Very busy, happy mood inside. Tried the specials - tacos de surtido pork (crunchy), molletes (wee bit like a bruschetta), tepache (fermented pineapple drink).

              1. Thanks so much for this post as it reminded me to try Tenoch! Went this afternoon for the first time...we had the torta Tenoch...I was a bit dubious about the ham slice, but it turned out to be the most wonderful cuban-like sandwich I've ever had and all the ingredients combined (we skipped the tomato) reminded me of the best pulled pork sandwich I've ever had, plus! We also had the pork adobo taco.....delicious. $3, the pork taco at Painted Burro is good but not this good and costs twice as much. The pork in both dishes was very lean but very flavorful and tender with lots of layers of flavor...I don't know how they do it...

                They gave us for free a tacos de surtido pork and a glass of the tepache, the fermented pineapple drink. Both excellent. I tried the sangria, very good.

                Very best Mexican food I've ever had in Boston in 25 years and some of the best anywhere (I've never been to Mexico but I used to live in the SF bay area). And the people are lovely, very friendly and so pleased that people love their food.

                The previous threads on this place were full of praise...somehow, I never got there before now, so thanks UnclePH....it's not far from where I live so I see many visits in the future. The quality of the ingredients is superb and the prices low....

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                  Awesome! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. We went this evening. Such a festive atmosphere. We had EXACTLY what you had. Except that I kept my tomatoes. That Surtido taco is a mix of carnitas and chicharron from the hind leg of the pig. It has a very rich porky flavor while still remaining lean. Brilliant. Like you, I love the overall pride of Tenoch. These are people who love food and are excited about what they are doing! I hope they have many more anniversaries.

                2. I had to stop by for lunch to wish them a happy anniversary. The owner was working the cash register and was his usual happy self! I haven't had their signature torta since the first time I was here so I decided today was a good day to see if it was as good as I remembered and it was. The Torta Campechana have everything in it and it was still as delicious as on the first try. I was also offered to try the the Taco de Surtido made with pork from the shin. This was delicious, especially the crispy bits of pork skin. I also got to try the Tepache, fermented pineapple drink and it was nice. They are working on opening a second location in the North End and I wish them luck with that.


                  1. Stopped by for lunch today and they were busy, good to see. New on the specials menu are Fish Tacos! Slice of crispy fish and some lettuce and cucumber for crunch and chipotle for heat. Delicious! I also ordered one tostada with chorizo (Mexican) and the tostada was loaded with refried beans, lettuce, crumbled cheese and crema on top.


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                      fantastic,ferrari. you have no idea how TIMEly is your post!thx much.

                    2. I keep calling to see if they are doing that roasted poblanos w/ cheese and crema(rajas, and no, not yet) and the chef told me that they are doing some special dishes tomorrow, Sat., for Cinco de Mayo. Chicken w/ chipotle cream, chicken w/ mole, chicharrones w/ salsa verde. I think they are doing a food truck at SOWA tonight.

                      p.s. i was all excited about their starting to offer tacos al pescado but unfortunately they are using tilapia. <great big phooey.>

                      1. I know I'm late to the party here, but while I like Tenoch and I hope that they do brunch as well several restaurants offer migas. Not the least of which is Mike and Patty's in Bay Village, which does an excellent version and the very authentic Mi Rancho Restaurant in East Boston.

                        What's wrong with tilapia in fish tacos? Tilapia isn't the fish I would choose if I were baking or steaming a filet with salt, pepper and a little oil, but in a complicated dish where the fish is there more for texture, and the cooking method, spices and sauces provide the flavor, I don't see the problem. Then again, I also haven't tried their fish tacos!

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                          hmmmmm, lip, you DO surprise me sometimes.