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Feb 26, 2013 10:53 AM

Four Days of Eating -- Any Thoughts?

We will be eating our way through town the first weekend in March. I have some new places, some non-negotiable places, and some old favorites. Anyone have any thoughts? For example, I'm a bit nervous about dinner at R'evolution after a recent post...

Saturday dinner: NOLA (reliably good past experiences and need a late dining time.
Sunday Brunch: Arnaud's
Sunday Dinner: R'evolution
Monday Lunch: Commander's Palace
Monday Dinner: Stella! (My son is a back waiter and bartender there and we are promised VIP treatment)
Tuesday Lunch: Coop's (will be doing business in the Quarter and love their rabbit jambalaya)
Tuesday Dinner: Jacques-Imo's (going to hear Re-Birth at the Maple Leaf next door)

Would be gratified to hear any comments or alternative suggestions.

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  1. I would replace R'Evolution with Coquette and Jacques-Imo's with anything but KFC.

    1. Nice list. I might think of another uptown alternative to Jacques-Imo. From casual Squeal to fancy Clancy's or Patois. There are good choices that way. Maybe even College Inn for medium "fancy."

      1. I too would scrap Jacques-Imo's. Dante's Kitchen and One Restaurant are both nearby and exponentially better at about the same price point. Also better and right there on Oak Street (if geography is the main factor), at various price points: Tru Burger, Oak wine bar, Chiba, and Cowbell. There are dozens of options in that neighborhood.

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          Isn't Brigtsen's right up there too ?

          That's definitely one of my favorites.

        2. We have had many great meals (nothing below "very good") at Stella!, BUT there has been a menu change, that we have not encountered yet. Could be great, or perhaps not so. Only a trip by us, will tell the tale. Still, and based on those previous visits, I would definitely dine there again, regardless of the "inside track," that you have.

          Once (and I am going way back here), Arnaud's feel off of our radar screen. Then, we hosted a small group (about 12, who knew zero about New Orleans), and they came through with flying colors. I was impressed, especially as I had written them off.

          We dined at R'evolution, but very shortly after they opened. There WERE many issues, though most were quite small. Still, MANY. I would dine there again, though some recent reviews have not been that complementary - though some others have. Still, there were enough high-points, that I would give them a second go.

          Commander's Palace has been an up/down affair with me. For decades, we always dined there for my wife's birthday, and hosted many larger dinners, with no complaints. Then, things changed, and not in a good way. When Chef Jamie Shannon died, things seemed to go downhill, and not just in the kitchen. We have done several culinary events there, and have not been impressed. We have hosted several dinners there, and it has been the same - unimpressed. Still, they hold a special place in my heart, and so very many on CH still sing their praises, especially the $0.25 Martinis at lunch. Maybe if I had enjoyed $5.00 worth, I would not have had any problems. Still, I would try them again, and just X my fingers.

          I read good things about Coop's, and Jacques-Imo's (have done their Crabby Jacks for lunch, and it was good), but have not dined at either.

          Good luck,


          1. They’re being too harsh on Jaques Imos. It’s a great place to go before a Maple Leaf show. Definitely get the aligator sausage and shrimp cheesecake. The place has plenty of character and characters and it always loud and fun. The rest of your list looks great. Enjoy your trip.

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            1. re: shanefink

              I have always wondered why the hate on Jacques-Imo's. I haven't been in several years, but when I did go it was a lot of fun and that alligator cheesecake was a tasty treat... As it was we ate at Clancy's instead and had a fantastic meal and a large time at the Maple Leaf.

              1. re: shanefink

                You can wait a long time to get in at JI, and it's expensive. But I thought it was good. It's just that there are so many good places, waiting an hour and a half for a table is a bit much. Brightsen's is amazing--not to be missed.