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Feb 26, 2013 10:49 AM

Wedding Food Stations--Anything New and Interesting?

Besides the typical seafood bar and display of cheeses...have you attended an event with a really interesting and delicious food station?

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  1. Fifteen - twenty years ago, I went to a wedding with a caviar station. Osetra, sevruga, and an American whitefish were accompanied by blinis, chopped eggs, onions, etc., as well as an ice tower of shots of chilled vodka. Generally, I find the standard stations at a wedding kinda cheesy and avoid them. This one was a whole new animal.

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      I went to a friend's swanky wedding in 2007 that had a caviar station with everything you described. It was AWESOME. My wife and I don't drink, so while everyone else was queued up for the ice-chilled vodka, she and I lived out one of our fantasies of gorging ourselves on caviar. It didn't seem overly popular, but we wanted this wonderful young couple to get their money's worth!

    2. My favorite by far has been the mashed potatoe bar. Both white and sweet potatoes with a variety of toppings served in martini glasses. My BF's mom and I still talk about how much we liked it at a wedding we went to 4? years ago. That same wedding also had a stirfry station where they served stir fry in mini take out chinese food cartons.

      Sushi also isn't bad.

      What I don't like are the pasta stations and the carving. The pasta is usually over cooked and the sauces boring. And I never understood the carving stations when there is steak as a meal option.

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        I agree about the pasta stations. It never works.

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          Oh my goodness. The stir-fry station sounds amazing! Not sure how well it would jive with a country/rustic theme, but I may have just figured out what I'll be feeding my guests. :)

        2. Nothing excites me more at an event than a make-your-own sundae bar. I don't care how old I am, I love ice cream.
          The hosts provided this at an anniversary party I went to last year and it was a lot of fun--not just for the kids!

          1. Artisanal sausage and variety mustards/dipping sauces. Not the prettiest, but very good.

            1. Dim Sum (chinese dumplings for lack of a better term)