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Feb 26, 2013 10:43 AM

West Village drinks and tea after Cherry Lane

Hello Hounds,

I'm going to see a show at the Cherry Lane Theater on Commerce Street with a diverse group of people. I'm looking for a spot afterwards where some of us can have a tea, some can have a drink, and all can enjoy a nice atmosphere. There will be four or five of us. Any suggestions?

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  1. What day of the week? What time is the show over?

    When you say "drink," are you OK with just wine/beer or do you need cocktails?

    Is this for a weekday? If you get out before 10pm, Bosie Tea Parlor is very close by. If that is cutting it too close, Sweet Revenge stays open later. Both serve light fare and wine/beer.

    1. Thanks for the reply, Kathryn. We're going on Friday, and I imagine the show will be just letting out at around 10PM. My memory of Sweet Revenge is not high on the atmosphere, though high on the tasty treats. But I was there years ago. Is it a cozy place to sit for an hour or more?

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        I thought it was cozy enough for a party of 2, YMMV. Maybe you will like Bosie more? I was trying to think of places that were easier to walk in to.