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Feb 26, 2013 10:13 AM

The Dining Car

So I just made my first visit to The Dining Car food truck. They're parked in Dewey Square on Tuesdays during the winter. I have to say that I was mildly underwhelmed with the grilled chicken breast sandwich. It also had avocado, cucumber and wasabi aioli on a crusty baguette. The cucumbers were on the verge of being frozen, so the sandwich was way too cold when you bit into it. The chicken was also under seasoned in my book. Also, it didn't feel like the best value at $8 (especially when it's right next to Bon Me and Clover who are selling sandwiches for $6). I think part of it might have been bad ordering on my part. The honey truffle goat cheese sandwich sounds like it might be a better option. The meatball sandwich and the chili also sound quite good. Have any other Hounds checked this truck out? I will probably be back at some point to try some other options.

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  1. One and done for me, too. Just meh.

    I feel that way about Momogoose, too.

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      I kinda like the food at the place (the chicken and avocado I had did not have temperature problems and was pretty tasty) however their portions are tiny and a dollar or two too high. Prefer Bon Me and Clover.

    2. I've had sub-par experiences at Dining Car, too. Small portion for the price and long wait with now acknowledgement. I actually wrote the owners, but got no response. One and done for me, which is a shame, because I work nearby.