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Feb 26, 2013 09:54 AM

Do you shepherd your threads?

Once I post a thread I generally feel a responsibility to watch it's development, try to nudge it back to the track I think it should be following, etc. Of course there are times I wonder what led me to post such a thing in the first place, or just want to step back and watch in horror as the monster runs rampant. It generally surprises me when I see someone has posted something, never to see their name again (althought I have been known to miss a posting here and there.)

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  1. There have been some threads initiated by others that I have tried to help gentle away from the "cliff". Not really trying to control so much as to not let interesting thoughts be "lost".

    1. I like to think of my threads and posts to be more organic free range type of contributions.

      I publish my information out in the plush green pastures of cyber space and allow them to roam freely. On occasion I will peek out the window to check on them but as a whole I like to just let them roam.

      1. I use to try to get threads back on track when I first started participating, but sometimes the train wrecks are more entertaining then the original thread.

        1. A person who used to be a frequent contributor here - who is now holding forth on another forum - used to go so far as to threaten to report posters to the mods if they went off topic in her threads. I personally find that kind of thing irritating. If you want to stay in control it needs to be your own blog.

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            yeah, I'm more of the gentle nudge type, but a thread will always have a life of it's own once started.

            1. re: Samalicious

              If we see them, we delete those threats and don't act on those sorts of reports. As long as a discussion remains largely on topic for the category it is in, we don't worry about things going astray from the original topic of the discussion thread.

              A little gentle prodding back in the right direction -- reiterating a question, or asking follow-ups, for example -- is totally fine, but we don't consider discussions to belong to the original poster.