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Feb 26, 2013 09:47 AM

Trio Pizza on Avenue U (Brooklyn)--Have there been changes?

I grew up in the Sheepshead Bay area of Brooklyn, and have ordered pizza/entrees from Trio for 40+ years. On my last two deliveries (chicken parm with baked ziti, and pizza with extra cheese and mushrooms), I noticed that there was a much smaller portion of the chicken parm and the pizza was rather thin. Has there been a change in ownership/cooks? I'll try them again since I had many years of very good food, but if the next time is disappointing, I'll have to try someplace new. Any recommendations?

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  1. There is a pizza place I always order from on King's Highway (Italia). I love their sausage and mushroom pie. I have noticed over the past couple of years that if I order on Monday or Tuesday, the pie is not up to par. This only happens on those 2 days. I am figuring the regular chef is off on those days. Maybe this is what is happening to you. If you are ordering on a weekend, probably not.

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      Thanks for your reply. Both times I ordered from Trio were on the weekend when I was visiting my mom. Both orders were in the past month.

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        Sorry about that. Since you said the chicken parm portion was smaller than usual, I'm betting the place has changed owners.

    2. I grew up two blocks from there and probably had the pizza every Saturday from 1970-1981. I still have a clear taste memory of the regular slices and lemon ices.

      It seemed like there have been a few changes in ownership over the years, but the pies were still pretty decent up until a few years ago, when we felt they had become mediocre. How do you feel about their current pies compared to how they were?

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        Hard to say since I moved from Brooklyn about 30 years ago. I've ordered from Trio in the past few years for my mother who still lives in Brooklyn, and the food until recently has been of very good quality (especially when JoAnn would take the order; I believe she is the daughter of the original owner). Not sure whether JoAnn is still around (I've not spoken to her in quite a while).