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Feb 26, 2013 09:46 AM

Frida Beverly Hills - Great Carnitas

Every time I go to Frida I have to order the Carnitas and they are fantastic. Juicy well marinated pork with home made corn tortillas and guacamole, beans, rice and salsa. Huge portion. Three of us had them and were blown away. Great drinks too. Not many decent Mexican options nearby so Frida really stands out.

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  1. I like Frida's Tacos on Melrose.

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    1. re: mc michael

      I totally agree... Frida in Beverly Hills has some of the best Carnitas in town. Not 100% casero... but absolutely crave worthy...

      Also, a Frida's Tacos just opened at the westside pavillion... Not the same degree of deliciousness as the Restaurant, but a good option for a quick bite before a movie...


      1. re: Dommy

        Plus One on the Carnitas. Really good. They have another pork dish that was recommended. Similar preparation but with a sweet orange sause. Not big on sweet sause and couldnt break away from the Carnitas, so cant say how it compares.


      Changed it up last weekend and had the Costilla de Res al Horno - slow cooked (8 hours) short rib. Like most of their plates its a large portion and really, really good. At $21 its a good deal as well.

      1. Good stuff
        They used to have great lobster tacos but last year changed to some gross shredded krab kind of stuff. I go less now. But nice folks good habanero relish and other tasty vittles.

        1. The Sunday brunch is damn good as well. Omelets, tacos, pancakes and an assortment of other dishes including fish and shrimp ceviche, and they also offer all you can drink draft beers and a hand full of cocktails...

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          1. re: fgrade

            The short ribs are one of the best deals in town. $22 for a very large we'll prepared serving.

          2. Have you tried the carnitas at Taqueria Los Anaya, Thor123?
            Lovely! I am not saying anything bad about Frida's, which I have had and enjoyed very much, just expanding on the carnitas options in LA.

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            1. re: Ciao Bob

              Have not. What part of town is that? Frida is on my way home so its easy.

              1. re: Thor123

                Just off the 10 Frwy at La Brea and two minutes east on W Adams.