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Feb 26, 2013 09:24 AM

Ina Garten Frozen Dinners?

Isn't it enough to be the Barefoot Contessa? Why do people do these things. This is so counterintuitive to her brand.

Major FAIL, Ina.

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  1. UGH! But why am I not surprised?

    Never cared for the woman; found her & still find her pretentious & fake. And now apparently - greedy.

    1. Wow, didn't see that one coming. I vote FAIL.

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      1. re: alliegator

        Ditto, and if she's going to sell them, at least sell them somewhere decent... not WalMart.

        1. re: juliejulez

          here, here. From the Hamptons' exclusive little eatery to Walmart ?

          Can anyone say brand erosion?

      2. "Why do people do these things."

        Money. If you were famous for something and made tons of money from it and people came to you all the time with schemes to make even more money, would you say no? Seriously. Would you? I really doubt it.

        And if you would say no, then you are a rare person and there should be more of us like you. I know I would jump at the chance to make as much money as I could if I were in her place. The fame does not last forever and it can be very fleeting for some. You do realize she is first and foremost in this for the money, right? If she were just in it for the pure love of cooking, none of us would have ever heard of her. It's all business.

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        1. re: ttoommyy

          Maybe you would, but under the same circumstances as Ina Garten? Where I already had oodles of money - even prior to my cooking media empire - AND felt I had at least a minimal reputation to protect as a class act?

          I definitely WOULD NOT do it.

          1. re: Bacardi1

            "Maybe you would, but under the same circumstances as Ina Garten? Where I already had oodles of money - even prior to my cooking media empire..."

            Yes I would and under the exact same circumstances. How do you think the rich stay rich? They don't just stop trying to make even more money when they think they have enough. If you think so, you are a bit naive.

            "...AND felt I had at least a minimal reputation to protect as a class act?"

            But that is your assumption. She may not think she has to protect her reputation as we, her audience, projects on her. She may very well just be a smart business person who knows when and how to make a quick buck; the cooking part may well be just the platform she uses to make money at this point in her life. I still maintain that those in business who do well care much more about the bottom line than anything else.

            1. re: ttoommyy

              Yes, agree with all that it's about money and that's the disappointing part. How much is enough? Really. WalMart?

              And for the record, I wouldn't do it. In fact, I gave up a prominent career on the East Coast in the music industry, moved to the mountains of New Mexico and am starting a small farm. But that's just me :-)

            2. re: Bacardi1

              You have to realize, she doesn't socialize with people like you and me. I highly doubt her friends will snub her because she's making even more money now. In her circles making more money is the thing to do, doesn't matter that you made it selling stuff via Walmart. Do you think the Walton's friends think they're not a class act because they own Walmart?

              1. re: Rick

                <she doesn't socialize with people like you and me.>

                A highly speculative and stereotypical statement and, in many cases, just wrong.

                1. re: Rick

                  <You have to realize, she doesn't socialize with people like you and me. >

                  And you know that for certain HOW?

                  1. re: ChefJune

                    My mother used to go to the same beauty salon in NYC as Martha Stewart. They'd exchange greetings and a little small talk.

                    During the holidays, Martha walked in the salon while the colorist was working on my mother. She invited the colorist to her holiday party at her home. And she invited my mother, too. My mother, made up some lame excuse because she felt that Martha was just being polite and was inviting her just because she was sitting there. My response, "Are you turned down an invitation to Martha Stewart's house???"

                    Several years later, a friend of mine was on Martha's show. I was in the green room and someone introduced me to Martha. She did NOT invite me to her house! BTW, she is really gorgeous.

              2. re: ttoommyy

                I see your point--but for me--well, I'm deeply shallow and if I were just an iota well-known for my cooking and had a reputation for using local, sustainable, seasonable foods; the BEST vanilla, etc. I would be really concerned about my reputation--again, that is just me, because I'm shallow and oh--I do care so much of what others think of me because I"m also incredibly insecure--so yeah, I'd pass:)

                1. re: ttoommyy

                  That's why I like Tony Bordain - no shilling for knives, a line of pots & pans, etc. He even called out the ol' Travel channel for a very obvious Cadillac placement in one of his last No Reservations episodes that he had not approved of.

                  Now THAT is the way to roll.....

                    1. re: chowser

                      I couldn't watch The Taste after the 2 hour premier but that show is the ultimate sell out. I'd rather sell dog food a la RR.
                      Don't preach from your ivory tower and then go on a fakey-fake "reality" tv show.

                    2. re: gingershelley

                      Inagree. The Taste is no better than selling pots and pans, frozen dinners, etc. It's still trading on ones name.

                  1. Ina is a business, and it seems like a successful one.

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                    1. re: dolly52

                      Exactly my point. I think too many people project their attitudes and ideals onto celebrities and then are disappointed to find out they are human.

                    2. Ina's got at least 2 new barn kitchens to build that aren't going to pay for themselves!